Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What A Week

On Sunday night - I think, my sisters and I slept together at the living room. Along brought down all of the pillows. At first Adik already arrange our place - Along at the middle, Adik on the left and I on the right. But instead of sleeping in the middle, Along want to sleep on the right, Adik in the middle and I'm on the right. But I said, we need to sit how Adik have arrange. So we slept and bla bla bla.

Yesterday evening, my mom, Adik, Imran and I went out to Melawati area to look at those private, beautiful house of the loaded people. Took some photos but none form my shot were good enough. But here are some of the pictures I took in front of my house before we hit Melawati.

Last night when I was making Abah's Nescafe, I remembered when he tried to make one at Pakistan when we stayed overnight at Lahore. He need to stir the coffee with the packet because the hotel management don't prepare a tea spoon or any spoon. The cultelery in the room was only two mugs with the saucer. What a poor service. Plus the room was so dusty. I was laughing last night.

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