Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tag Survey

First Name: Nur
Nickname: Farah
Birthday: March 30, 1992
Birthplace: Hospital Daerah Kluang, Johor.
Time of Birth: I don't know.
Zodiac sign: Aries

--This or That--
Flower or Chocolate: Flower for my decoration, chocolate for my stomach.
Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
Rap or Rock: Rock.
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship.
School or Work: School
Love or Money: Love
Movies or Music: For movie that catch my eyes, for music that catch my ears.
Country or City: Country for peace of mind and soul, city for fun.
Sunny days or Rainy days: Sunny for fun outing, rainy to get warm body next to mine.
Friends or Family: Definately with the letter F.

--Have you ever--
Lied: Yes.
Smoked: Not ciggerate, not syisya.
Broke someone's heart: Twice.
Had your heart broken: Twice.
Wish you were a prince/princess: Nahh.
Liked someone who was taken: Nope.
Shaved your head: Nahh.
Been in love: Before.
Used chopsticks: Not good at it.
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Just yesterday.

Flower: Baby breath.
Candy: Boy's fav. I forgot the name.
Song: Currently Time Of My Life by David C.
Scent: Body Shop Strawberry.
Color: Black, White, Blue.
Musical Instrument: Guitar.
Movie: Unlisted. But currently The Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian.
Actor/Actress: Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush.
Junk food: Potato Chips.
Animal: All, I'm animal lover.

Ever cried over someone: Yes.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Perhaps.
Do you think you're attractive: I don't know.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Sleeping Beauty. XP
Do you play any sports: Basketball.

--List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (some) people--
: I gained 10kg in less than 1 year.
: I eat a lot nowadays.
: I'm sort of a bed potato.
: I talk a lot.
: Dulu saya pernah nak jadi orang gaji. hahaha.
: Hugs makes me feel safe.
: My scream can make your ears pain.
: I love wearing heels.

I tag: Link list.

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