Thursday, June 05, 2008


Currenlty I am making a tote. Three quater done. Only the handle left. The sewing was really bad. Well, this is my first attemp sewing so you get the picture. Anyway, the tote was my first handmade stuff - I think apart from my handmade card, so I'm gonna use is no matter what - even the sewing suck.


Aisyah Pahmi said...

saya ta suka prince caspian.hihi

comel comelll, very the geram!

oh oh, i've sewn a tote, sewing dah kemas ok sume, tali and deco je tk buat lagi, andthen bag tu hilang -.-.-.-.-''

mei an said...

practice makes perfect farah ;D

Aisyah Pahmi said...

tu laaah, tp nnt lah buat lg, skrg mls.haha :P

nak ape? o.o