Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Missing You

Aiman Nabihah. She's moved somewhere in Cheras, I think. We're suppose to hangout this holiday. I need to find my time.

Syahidah Aiman. This girl at the center. She went to this private boarding school. We can hardly keep in touch.

Nashrah Zaharuddin. Even we live in the same neighbourhood, we hardly meet each other. Where've you been dear?

Dayana Karman. Another babe of mine move somewhere in Selangor. She hardly reply my text.

Lyqa Zulkifli. Ahh, I miss this one the most! She moved to Alam Megah. She's my best babe. I can talk to her about anything, at anytime.

Clockwise: Pqot, Sarah, Sya, ME, Mint.
They rock my ol' days.
They're currently at:-
Pqot is at MSJC Langkawi.
Sarah is at MSJC Alor Gajah.
Sya is at SMS Seri Puteri.
Mint is at MSJC Kuantan.

And my dear friend Izzat Zainal. Sadly I don't have picture with you. We haven't met each other for four years now. He's studying at SMS Tengku Abdullah, Raub, Pahang. Still want your McD Izzat?

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