Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch-Movie-Tea Date With Cheeza Majid

So, I’ve turned 19 yesterday. Hehe. Today I went for a date with Cheeza Majid. I picked her up at Shell Wangsa Maju. Went to the bank first and then to this language centre before arriving at Wangsa Walk. We went to Yamaha Fisrt when we arrive at Wangsa Walk to buy the thing my sister ask me to buy. But when I look at who at the counter I cancel it because I was sweating like hell. Then we went to buy tickets for ‘Just Go With It’. The moment of buying the ticket was athe best today. The guy call us ‘adik’ (by the way I think his name is Arif). ‘Just Go With It’ is a 18 years old and above movie, so Arif asked for our IC to see if we really are above 18. Before this no one ever ask for my IC, even before I was 18. I feel young for a moment. I feel even younger when he asked if I really a student when I show him my student ID to get lower price. So we look young after all, right Cheeza? Walk around a bit. Saw few wedges that is nice but not price nice to me, way expensive for the quality. So tak jadi beli though the shoe look cute.

Then we went hunting for lunch. Stomach making weird sound and it wants food. A&W is our choice. As usual, when hanging at Wangsa Walk with friends there is no other place for lunch. If not A&W, it’s Secret Recipe. We talk as we eat. It has been almost 2 months since I last saw Cheeza. A lot of catching up to do, especially on the gossip department. Hehe. We talk and talk about how other girls and boys do now, what I’ve been up to and how’s her Korean classes went.

At the cinema Cheeza spotted one cute tall Chinese guy. :P He’s cute alright. Anyway, we went inside and watch the movie. The movie was good. Any movie that have Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will be good. Especially if they were in it together. Worth every penny. It was very funny. I laugh my ass out. Oh yes I did.

When the movie ended, we went to Yamaha again, the same person was at the counter. The same one like last week. After buying it and we were out of Yamaha, Cheeza said that the guy is cute and I was like I told you so. Hehe.

I felt like eating Hot &Roll so we went down and bought it. Cheeza insist that she want to buy me a slice of cake so we went for tea dekat Secret Recipe. Feeling kind of hungry lagi, so I ordered Beef Lasagne. Since they’re out of Blueberry Cheesecake, I odered Chocolate Indulgence instead since I’ve got Chocolate Banana from my younger sister. Yes, those three are my favourite cake from Secret Recipe along with its Carrot Cake. And yes, we talk again. But this time about school and schoolmates. This was influence by the uncle and aunties behind us and we can’t help but listen. All stories of how we met, her first encounter with this guy, our Form 3 dinner, Prom, the gang and random teachers came up.

While walking back, no I don’t drive, we met our schoolmate, Amirin. All of us call him Boy. Talk for a minute. One thing that I can’t forget he said was, “Korang cantik lah sekarang.” And that makes me laugh. He wasn’t like that during school years.

We hang at my house for awhile waiting for Ibu to pick Cheeza up, and she brought Daniel along. He’s going to be 2 soon. He’s adorable as I remembered.

I had real fun today. Thanks to you Cheeza Majid. :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Jumpa Orang Mesir. :)

Ni haa orang Mesir. Jauh balik Malaysia. Dia dah ada dekat Malaysia few weeks, tapi baru dapat jumpa dia semalam. HANA DALILA, AWAK MAKIN TEMBAM! haha. Sedap sangat ke makanan dekat Mesir tu?

Sepatutnya aku gerak jumpa Hana ni dari pagi. Tapi ada hal pulak, jadinya lepas zohor baru jumpa dia, Cheeza and Hajar. Pergi Jusco for lunch. Bila dah nak habis makan, Yana and Jee sampai. Tunggu la mereka makan dulu. Sambil tu berborak sampai dah tak ingat nak bangun kat tempat lain. Orang lain yang dalam food court tu dah bertukar-ganti kami tak gerak-gerak lagi. Habis je semua makan, kerusi dah cukup panas, kita orang pun jalan-jalan la dalam Jusco.

Hajar muka bahagia je.

Mula-mula jalan macam tak ada arah tuju, sekali Hana masuk Vincci. Yelah dah 5 bulan tak balik Malaysia. hehe. I saw some nice shoes, but the thing ar, either it doesn't look good on my feet or the price are just too expensive for me.

That heels look good on Yana. :)

While this sandal looks good, it doesn't feels right when I'm wearing it. Memang dasar kena pakai closed shoes.


13 years. :)

Lepas Vincci masuk dalam Jusco. Memang tak ada arah tuju, main jaaaaalan je.

Mencuba saiz kasut sama tak sebab nak senang nak suruh Hana belikan kasut dekat Mesir. Dia kata kat sana boleh tahan murah.

Tempat Jee duduk tu, berganti-ganti kami duduk sebab kusyen dia empuk.

Lepas tu Yana hantar kami semua balik rumah Hana. Kimi singgah kejap jumpa kami. Alang-alang dia ada ambil group foto terus lah. :) Ada banyak tapi kalau letak semua muntah pulak tengok. Pergi tengok kat FB ye kalau nak yang lain.

Hajar's doing Hana's current favourite pose. Kononya bagi slimming effect dekat muka.

Seronok gadis-gadis main buih. HAHA.

Memang semua suka menyandar dekat aku. Harap maklum lah badan empuk macam kusyen. :P

Bila outing dengan mereka ni, serius rasa macam zaman sekolah dulu. :)

Anak siapa lah ni seronok sangat main buih? HAHA.

Last sekali, thanks Kimi jadi driver last minute aku. :)

Thanks for the fun evening ladies. :)

No 'No Strings Attached'

Yes, we didn't go for the movie. Nasib baik lah, kalau tak Izzat will keep complaining about the movie. Patut pun dia setuju je bila aku suggest movie tu, dia tak tau pun movie tu pasal apa. Anyway, plan asalnya pergi tengok movie then lepas tu maybe lunch. Alih-alih, he's rushing to everywhere today. Tapi tak nak cancel sebab takut aku marah because he has been canceling everytime we plan an outing.

Jadinya, he picked me up from home - haruslah dia ambil aku, at around 12 something and asking me mana nak lunch, aku ikut saja. We had lunch at AEON AU2. Dia belanja lah of course sebab dah lambat. I ate Prawn Fried Rice, he ate what I don't know. Aku rasa kelakar gila sebab kami dah setahun tak jumpa, jadi sedikit awkward. Aku makan sangat slow lah kan sebab aku tak pernah makan depan dia ni, malu la pulak. Kesian pulak kat dia sebab banyak benda nak uruskan today but masih cari time jumpa aku.

Sampai je dekat kereta, dia lupa nak bayar parking. Instead of asking me to wait in the car, di suruh aku ikut pergi bayar parking sekali. So in the car we were talking about random things and I arrived home at 1330. Yes, keluar kejap je semata-mata demi lunch.

Oh, I did gave him his birthday card. :)

Anyway, thanks Zat for making the time to see me eventhough kau sangat busy hari ni. Thanks, sungguh ni. :D

PS: He even refused to take picture with me. Dekat 9 tahun kawan sekeping gambar pun takde weyh.
PPS: And for those who read my twitter, no I didn't kick his ass. Kesian dia.

Favourite Scene #001

From the movie Sydney White.

I Want To Go!

Wani Ardy's Homecoming Night.
Somebody bring me there. :)

picture from Wani Ardy's blog.

Friday, March 04, 2011

No Strings Attached

Watching this with one of my friend tomorrow.
Can't wait. I haven't see that person in a year.

Kurung As A Top

I like how she made her baju kurung as a top. CLEVER!
The best part is, it doesn't look like baju kurung at all.
Picture from the lady's blog, Jezmine Zaidan.

Home - After One Long Month

Well finally I'm home after a month. Yes, I can't believe I actually survive. HAHA. Well I've wrote why I didn't come home for the past one month. So, what am I going to do for these few days.

Let start with today. I'm going to meet some of my ladies friends - Hajar Mardhiah, Hana Dalila and Cheeza. It has been few months since I last saw them. Especially Hana, she just arrive in Malaysia from Egypt few weeks ago and I haven't got the chance to meet her.

Tomorrow is day out with Izzat Zainal. This guy has been canceling our outing for the longest time. And because of that he haven't got his birthday present eventhough his birthday was about 2 months ago. You better don't cancel again. It has been 6 years since I last saw him. Why 6 years eventhough I met him last year? Well before that meeting its 5 years since primary school. Then another year since he started his foundation studies in University of Malaya .

That just about it I guess. Will post up some pictures if I have some. :)

She Needs Love

She's crazy talented. :)