Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch-Movie-Tea Date With Cheeza Majid

So, I’ve turned 19 yesterday. Hehe. Today I went for a date with Cheeza Majid. I picked her up at Shell Wangsa Maju. Went to the bank first and then to this language centre before arriving at Wangsa Walk. We went to Yamaha Fisrt when we arrive at Wangsa Walk to buy the thing my sister ask me to buy. But when I look at who at the counter I cancel it because I was sweating like hell. Then we went to buy tickets for ‘Just Go With It’. The moment of buying the ticket was athe best today. The guy call us ‘adik’ (by the way I think his name is Arif). ‘Just Go With It’ is a 18 years old and above movie, so Arif asked for our IC to see if we really are above 18. Before this no one ever ask for my IC, even before I was 18. I feel young for a moment. I feel even younger when he asked if I really a student when I show him my student ID to get lower price. So we look young after all, right Cheeza? Walk around a bit. Saw few wedges that is nice but not price nice to me, way expensive for the quality. So tak jadi beli though the shoe look cute.

Then we went hunting for lunch. Stomach making weird sound and it wants food. A&W is our choice. As usual, when hanging at Wangsa Walk with friends there is no other place for lunch. If not A&W, it’s Secret Recipe. We talk as we eat. It has been almost 2 months since I last saw Cheeza. A lot of catching up to do, especially on the gossip department. Hehe. We talk and talk about how other girls and boys do now, what I’ve been up to and how’s her Korean classes went.

At the cinema Cheeza spotted one cute tall Chinese guy. :P He’s cute alright. Anyway, we went inside and watch the movie. The movie was good. Any movie that have Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will be good. Especially if they were in it together. Worth every penny. It was very funny. I laugh my ass out. Oh yes I did.

When the movie ended, we went to Yamaha again, the same person was at the counter. The same one like last week. After buying it and we were out of Yamaha, Cheeza said that the guy is cute and I was like I told you so. Hehe.

I felt like eating Hot &Roll so we went down and bought it. Cheeza insist that she want to buy me a slice of cake so we went for tea dekat Secret Recipe. Feeling kind of hungry lagi, so I ordered Beef Lasagne. Since they’re out of Blueberry Cheesecake, I odered Chocolate Indulgence instead since I’ve got Chocolate Banana from my younger sister. Yes, those three are my favourite cake from Secret Recipe along with its Carrot Cake. And yes, we talk again. But this time about school and schoolmates. This was influence by the uncle and aunties behind us and we can’t help but listen. All stories of how we met, her first encounter with this guy, our Form 3 dinner, Prom, the gang and random teachers came up.

While walking back, no I don’t drive, we met our schoolmate, Amirin. All of us call him Boy. Talk for a minute. One thing that I can’t forget he said was, “Korang cantik lah sekarang.” And that makes me laugh. He wasn’t like that during school years.

We hang at my house for awhile waiting for Ibu to pick Cheeza up, and she brought Daniel along. He’s going to be 2 soon. He’s adorable as I remembered.

I had real fun today. Thanks to you Cheeza Majid. :)

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