Friday, April 01, 2011

Birthday Present :)

No I didn't get much for my birthday. But the warm wishes and thoughts were more priceless that the present. Anyhow, I got a slice of my favourite cake from Secret Recipe, Chocolate Banana from my little sister. I don't know how on earth did she manage to hide the cake from me in the refrigerator when I just clean and throw unwanted stuff in it few hours before. You can see the whole fridge when you open the door. Clever girl. She surprise me at midnight. Well, not really midnight. It was about 10, 15 minutes after midnight. I just got out of the toilet when I heard she singing along with Annysa our little neighbour. What funny is, I was just wearing my towel. I change straight after for picture purpose.

During the day, I waited the whole day for the package from my boyfriend. Oh yes, he posted a present for me all the way from Terengganu. He insist not to tell me what the gift is. The only clue that he gave was in a glass bottle. I honestly thought he going to give me a glass bottle full of folded stars, or something like that. HAHA.

To my surprise, it was a perfume and body lotion from The Body Shop. hehe. I called him as soon as I saw the box. I seriously didn't expect it. Thanks hun.

So that the only thing I got for my birthday. No worries, I don't care much about the present, but thought. The thought is much priceless.

Thank you all for making my 19th birthday wonderful. :)

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