Thursday, December 22, 2011

mok tam (left), we lost you a year ago. i still cry whenever i thought of you. be safe and healthy wherever you may be. come home if possible.

puteh (right), we lost you today. though i love bullying you because you’re so fat and cute, i do love you dearly. RIP my dear. ruby will be alone now.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I am proud

As fan, I am proud.
As a Malaysian, I am proud.

I can't believe I miss this.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Quirkiest Match Up That Actually Work

Sweet and salty. Almost everyone's favourite, if not combine. But what does it really taste like when combine. Like when you combine vanilla ice cream with salted fries I bet. Uh-huh that good. wanna know what you can combine? Read up.

Salted Nuts & Honey
Use the honey as a plain dip. Or you may drizzle it over the nuts and toast them in the oven. Mix in some light butter and add some water so it doesn't get too sweet.

White Chocolate & Olives
Try dipping the olives in melted white chocolate like you do with marshemellows.

Blue Cheese & Grapefruit
Put 'em in salad! Mix it with other greens and sweet vinaigrette.

Pretzels & Peanut Butter
Go for smooth peanut butter as you already get the crunch from the pretzels. Original flavour pretzels work best, so that it doesn't have too crazy mix of flavours.
ps: This can be a healthier party food option.

Turkey Ham & Broccoli
Use young broccoli (young broccoli should be bright green and able to snap off easily from its stem). Use fresh batch because if stored in refrigerator the broccoli can lose its natural sweetness.

Source: seventeen Malaysia magazine November 2011 issue.


Do you like tea? I do. What kind of tea do you like? I like black tea. Here I want to share the benefits of tea.

Chrysanthemum tea for sore throat: It work as natural coolant. It helps bring down your body's temperature, hence easing your sore throat (that's caused by an inflamation of the throat).
Green tea for weigh loss: It's known as the dieter's drink! This is because it lowers the absorbtion of cholesterol into your digestive system. Besides, it also speed up your metabolic rate.
Peppermint tea for cough and flu: Tea has a mild expetorant property. By drinking it, the tea encourages the body to expel mucus from the respiratory system.
Lavender tea for stress relief: The scent from lavender flower is able to effectively relieve stress stress and reduce anxiety by calming the nervous system. Drinking the tea also works to get rid of headache and migranes.
Ginger tea for tummy aches: Ginger contains Shogoals and Gingerols that work to neutralize the stomach acids, tone the digestive tracts muscle and evoke the secretion of digestive juices.
Chamomile for insomnia: When infused with tea, this natural herb helps relax the body and mind, making it easier to doze off.
White tea for blemishes: This tea improves the immune function of the skin cells and its high antioxcidant content helps protect from damaging UV rays. It also helps prevents acne by ridding your body of toxins.
Black tea for cavities: My favourite tea :) . This tea helps to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shapeb by helping fight against bacterial growth in dental plaque.

Source: seventeen malaysia magazine November 2011 issue.

The Ultimate Breakfast Solution

You know why breakfast is the most important meal in a day? When you take your breakfast, no matter even if its just a granola/muesli/energy bar, it keeps normal blood sugar level.

Your breakfast should contain:-
Fibre: It keeps you full and it helps with your digestive system.
Protein: It helps build and repair tissue while keeping you energised.
Carbohydrates: It gives your body fuel for energy.

Below are some solution how you can get your most important meal, no matter what:-
You've got no time: Have granola/muesli/energy bar.
REMEMBER to make sure it's not too high in sugar.

You're lactose intolerant: Have a bowl of high fibre cereal with soy milk.

You're not hungry: Have banana and nuts.Make sure your breakfast is healthy people.
It's not too heavy a meal and you can munch on them slowly.

You're on a diet: Have a yogurt smoothie.
Not only is having something going to help you lose weigh, you can opt for a low cal, low sugar option with a smoothie.

ps: Eating breakfast lowers your risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol) by 35%-40%.

Source: seventeen magazine November 2011 issue.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Eye and Brorange

Brorange (Brown + Orange)

Eye (Because of his eye. One of it looks like he's wearing eyeliner).

I have a habit of giving names to cat(s) or kitten(s) that I found. This are cat and kitten that I and my housemate found today. I bet both of them are hungry. My housemate, Yana gave then some food. I don't think they are stray cat and kitten because they are clean.

Proof That I Like Cute Things

The one-place-hair-boy pen.

The smiley-faced-flower pen.


Foot-shaped paper clip.

Hello Kitty cut out from a box for room decoration.

Hello Kitty cut our from a box for room decoration.

Hello Kitty cut out from a box for room decoration.

Baby wipes (Look at the ilustration on the wrapping).

PS: I think there many more but these are recent ones.

Doa Penerang Hati

Jadi ini lah dia doa penerang hati. Rasulullah pesan sebelum belajar baca doa ni dulu. Senang lah nak belajar. Tapi kalau sebelum buat assignment(s) atau homework(s) pun boleh lah jugak kan? Sebab sambil kita buat tu, lagi tambah ilmu kita kan? Jadi macam proses belajar juga lah kan?

Oh lupa. Kalau nak lebih meresap (meresap pun boleh lah farah) doa ni, kena tahu ertinya. Erti doa ini ialah, "Ya... Allah, bukakanlah ke atas kami hikmat-hikmatMu dan limpahilah ke atas kami khazanah rahmat-Mu, wahai yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang."

Mari sama-sama amalkan. :)

I Like Cute Things.

This is just one of it. I was walking outside of my on-campus bakery and felt like the bakery is calling me so I walked in. Then I saw this bread and decide to buy it because its cute. I know there's a saying that says 'You don't have to but the things just because its looks cute'. But what do I care. It happen to be in a bakery and I have never walk out of a bakery empty handed. By the way, it just a normal bread with chocolate coating and filling.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Cats

Mok Tam (MIA dari Christmas tahun lepas)

Puteh Demok

Princess Ruby

Rindu tiga ekor ni.

Potong Kuku

Seperti sedia maklum, kita potong kuku untuk mengekalkan kebersihan. Yelah, mana ada orang suka kalau kuku kotor panjang lagi menggelikan. Ada orang suka potong kuku hari-hari. Ada yang seminggu sekali. Ikut suka lah nak potong bila.

Ni sebenarnya nak kongsi je apa yang kita dapat bila kita potong kuku megikut hari.

Hari Sabtu: Keluar dari tubuhnya ubat dan masuk kepadanya penyakit.
Hari Ahad: Keluar kekayaan masuk kemiskinan.
Hari Isnin: Keluar darinya gila dan masuk sihat.
Hari selasa: Keluar darinya sihat dan masuk penyakit.
Hari Rabu: Keluar darinya was-was dan masuk kepadanya kepapaan.
Hari Khamis: Keluar darinya gila dan masuk kepadanya sembuh daripada penyakit.
Hari Jumaat: Keluar darinya dosa-dosanya seperti pada hari dilahirkan oleh ibunya dan masuk kepadanya rahmat daripada Allah Taala

Jadi potong lah kuku anda pada hari Isnin, Khamis dan Jumaat. :)

Oh ye, seelok-eloknya buang lah kuku tu elok-elok dan di tanah sebab kita sendiri berunsur tanah kan.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seven Serenity of Berkelah

Hujung minggu yang lepas (7-9 Oktober 2011), aku pergi abseiling di Hutan Lipur Berkelah, Maran Pahang. Best, memang terbaik pun.

Perjalanan bermula di unisel sendiri lah, sebab memang program kali ni bawah seliaan satu persatuan dalam unisel iaitu, Unisel Mountain Adventure Group's (UMAG'S). Peserta dikehendaki berkumpul di hadapan Dewan Biru bermula jam 0800. Kumpulan, makanan dan barang keperluan mula dibahagi pada jam 0900. Pada jam 1030, peserta mula menaiki bas untuk bertolak ke Maran.

Pada kira-kira jam 0230 8 Oktober 2011, kami berhenti rehat di Hentian Temerloh. Peserta diminta mengisi perut kerana ini adalah hentian terakhir sebelum kami tiba di Berkelah. Setibanya di meeting point pada lebih kurang jam 0330, peserta diberi masa untuk menyalin pakaian dan mempersiapkan diri. Jam 0430 seramai 20 orang peserta (Oppss, lupa bagi tau. Kali ni peserta semua sekali 35 orang) menaiki 4x4 (Lori je pun sebenarnya. Bajet tak ada nak.) untuk ke starting point sebelum trecking ke tapak perkhemahan. Perasaan bercampur-baur masa naik lori ni. Dengan terhuyung-hayangnya. Mula-mula aku cangkuk tapi loteh lutut den nak cangkuk 20 minit, den berdiri lah. Bila berdiri pulak tertolaklah siapa-siapa, untuk mengekalkan imbangan badan. Semasa trecking kami ada yang terpecah kumpulan dan bertemu dengan kumpulan yang lain. Lucky us that, semua menuju ke tempat yang sama. Sampai di tapa perkhemahan kira-kira jam 0530. Disebabkan ground dah terbentang, beberapa peserta yang tiba awal sempat melelapkan mata. Solat Subuh pagi itu dilaksanakan dengan menggunakan air mineral sebab masa tu tak tengok lagi sungai di belah mana jadi AJK tak beri kebenaran nak bergerak lagi.

Sarapan pagi itu adalah roti kemek sapu jem. Kenapa kemek? Sebab letak dalam beg, lepas tu kan dah trecking,naik lori, letak beg bawah bas semua. kemek lah. Tapi tak pe, rasa roti jugak. Sedap jugak. Sementara beberapa orang menyediakan sarapan pagi tu, peserta lelaki pasang fly dengan ground. Lepas siap semua, kami berkumpul untuk mendengar taklimat untuk abseiling (Tapi sekarang hampir semua yang ditaklimatkan aku lupa. Dan masa taklimat diberi aku sempat terlelap sebab mengantuk sangat). Masa dengar tu konon macam yakin boleh buat, sekali tengok kat mana kena buat, goyang kepala lutut. Lepas beberapa orang dah buat, aku pun gagahkan dirilah buat. Yang kering elok je buat. Sampai dekat yang basah (kena buat dekat air terjun) bergolek-golek aku. Siap terlepas tali lagi. Nasib baik tak gone terus. Yang kering buat dengan sukarela. Yang basah separuh rela, separuh paksa. Sebab guider dah letak equipment depan mata suruh buat. Demi menyedapkan diri sendiri cakap lah 'Kalau tak buat tak tahu rasa apa'. Jadi buat lah. MEMANG GILA KENTANG! Rasa nak buat lagi bila dah sudah buat. Lepas dah lunch (makan nasi, papadom, sayur goreng, ikan bilis goreng dan kari ayamdengan kentang), solat jamak, apa lagi, aktiviti mandi-manda di sungai. Mula-mula konon tak nak masuk lagi lah, nanti baju basah beg berat lah. Tak ada maknanya, tergoda juga dengan air sungai tu. Berendam sampai kecut jari.

Malam hari tiba lepas solat jamak, makan malam pula. Makan malam dimasak oleh AJK. Ada ayam goreng, tomyam campur, papadom and apa lagi tak ingat. Makan malam tu makan beradab. Makan bawah fly. Makan beradab ni memang tradisi UMAG's. Dimana kami dikehendaki menyuap orang di kiri dan kanan sebelum makan. Lepas makan malam, diadakan acara ice-breaking. Tak berapa nak ice-breaking sangat lah sebab kami hanya perlu menyebut nama, asal, course, fakulti, kenapa join program ni dan apakah aktiviti lasak kegemaran. Selepas tu kami semua dibenarkan untuk tidur. Apa lagi, masa yang ditunggu semua, tak sampai 5 minit aku dah tidur.

Pagi 9 Oktober bermula seawal 0600 pabila AJK Aktiviti mengejutkan kami semua. Dalam kesejukkan tu turun lah ke sungai berus gigi dan ambil wuduk. Di program ni lah pertama kali aku solat dalam khemah sambil duduk disebabkan tempat yang terhad. Sarapan pagi itu adalah cucur, teh and milo. Walaupun tak berapa nak berasa cucurnya, disebabkan nak alas perut, makan lah juga. Dalam pukul 0900 macam tu, lepas senaman ringan, semua peserta bertolak untuk naik ke Kolam Tujuh, iaitu kolan air terjun yang paling tinggi. Jalannya sangat curam dan memakan masa hampir 1 jam. Sampai sahaja di Kolam Tujuh semua mengambil kesempatan bergambar (Kali ni puas hati sebab dapat ambil gambar dengan banner program masa Berembun dulu tak dapat). Ada peserta lelaki yang mencabar diri sendiri untuk terjun ke dalam kolam sedalam 30 meter itu dari tempat tinggi. Selepas puas melihat permandangan, kami turun ke tapak perkhemahan kembali untuk makan tengah hari dan berkemas untuk turun. Sampai tapak perkhemahan, kami terus menuju ke sungai (Sebab panas jadi kami nak menyejukkan badan). Tapi aku mula-mula celup kaki je sebab ingat nak mandi dekat bawah je (Sebab tengah ABC). Tapi tak jadi, tergoda juga, jadi aku mandi. Lepas mandi masa nak salin baju tu, boleh pulak tertinggal seluar dekat atas (Tadi masa nak mandi salin pakai seluar yang dah basah semalam. Seluar yang pakai nak Kolam Tujuh jemur kejap nak bagi kering). Jadi apa lagi, naik atas dengan kain batik lah. Nasib baik bawa turun kain batik (Semua pandang pelik sebab pakai kain batik je). Bila dah salin tu aku pun makan lah bersuap. Ye bersuap sebab aku malas nak turun lagi sekali ke sungai untuk basuh tangan. Lepas siap berkemas, kami pun turun ke bawah. At this point, semua air dah habis. Sesampai je di bawah (starting point dinihari semalam) nampak makcik jual air, terus serbu lah. AI LAP YU MAKCIK! Lepas cukup orang untuk naik lori, kami pun bergerak ke meeting point. Sementara tunggu yang lain (memakan masa hampir 2 jam) kami lepak dulu dekat gerai makan yang buka kat situ. Lepas tu ada surprise prank untuk ketua guider. Memang dia harum lah kena air-longkang-busuk-mana-kau-amek-sampai-guider-tu-kena-mandi-3kali. Tapi memang terbaik. Lepas tu dalam 1730, kami bertolak balik ke Kuala Lumpur. Sepanjang jalan ada je yang nak karaoke. Aku mula-mula layan juga, tapi dah lama-lama mengantuk, jadi aku tidur.

Sampai kampus dalam 2200. Kami kumpul-kumpul barang fasiliti sebelum bersurai.

Kesimpulannya, program kali ni memang seronok sebab ni lah pertama kali aku buat abseiling.

Jadi ianya adalah TERBAIK, TERBAIK, TERBAIK!!

PS: Semua gambar ada di facebook aku (search: farah rosni). Aku malas nak upload dekat banyak-banyak tempat.

Monday, October 10, 2011



Cerita selanjutnya, di entri akan datang.

Friday, October 07, 2011


Will go for abseiling this weekend at Hutan Lipur Berkelah Maran Pahang. It has been awhile since I last went to any outdoor activity. I am very excited - and nervous at the same time, to go.

So, wish me well. :)

Pictures taken from Berkelah Falls.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

20 Things

1) List 20 things that you want to say people, but never will.
2) Don’t say who they are.
3) Never discuss it again.

One. For once in my life I met the most insecure person. YOU. At first I admire you for the way you brought yourself and how your always look good no matter what you wear. But as time past, I learnt that sometimes you are jealouse of what other people have. And when there is slight similarity of something that is yours and someone else, you always claim that this particular person copy you. PLEASE GROW UP AND BE SECURE ABOUT YOURSELF.

Two. I know that you are older and should be wiser than me. Sometimes I wish you could just admit your mistake and say sorry. But in our relationship, I'm not in position to say things like this.

Three. I'm not sure if I have forgive you or not. But I smile and laugh the moment I thought of what you did to me.

Four. I wish you could see how amazing you are. And please stop denying what I said when its true. I know its true and I know you know it.

Five. Kau fly tak bagi tahu aku. Merajuk. Baik bagi aku berkilogram kasih sayang. Oh, and some pretty souvenir please.

Six. I know you sort of hate dislike me at first. And you annoys me like crazy most of the time. You make me say harsh words, slap you at your face, knock your head and kick your ass. And there are times when I feel like killing you. But just so you know, I'll kill for you more. :')

Seven. Just because you are younger, it does not give you the permit to act foolish ALLLL the time. Grow up.

Eight. I know you know so many poeple but that doesnot mean you know everything. Stop being I'm-Little-Miss-Know-Everything.

Nine. Although sometimes I wish you did not do what you did, you are still the best person in the world. You will always be my #1. FULLSTOP.

Ten. Stop taking tooo many pictures.

Eleven. Don't try to influenced me. I don't like your way.

Twelve. I made a big mistake. Forgive me?

Thirteen. Stop saying that people is wrong and you are right.

Fourteen. Awak kakak paling best untuk kami adik-adik. Yang terbaik untuk awak kakak.

Fifteen. If I don't reply your messages, don't message again until I message you.

Sixteen. I'm good at faking. Don't be fool.

Seventeen. You make me feel loved. Thanks. :)

Eighteen. Stop acting so rich. It makes you look so cheap.

Nineteen. I don't like you as a teacher, and person.

Twenty. Can't you just accept people's advice?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Respecting Other's Religion

Every religion have its own belief and tradition. I think its not nice to say things about people’s religion and tradition. I bet you don’t want people to say that about your religion and tradition too.

Muslim’s ladies wore scarf/hijab around their head to cover their head and chest because of the demand of the religion. This demand were made because of certain reason.

These are few reasons that I can think of to tell you why we Muslim’s ladies wear a piece of cloth over our head:

1. To prevent us from bad gossips/stories. When we wear headscarf, people will less likely to talk bad about us because there is good perception towards us.

2. To prevent from being rape. When we cover ourselves, all of our ‘assets’ and curves, etc. can’t be seen especially by man who easily be seduce by it.

3. It’s hard for people to photoshop us. People can do so many things with technology. By covering up, its hard for them who have bad intention to photoshop our picture because there is many editing involve.

4. Bonus points for us ladies who wear headscarf, we have beautiful hair. :) This is bacause our hair are not exposed to the harsh sun rays, dust and other polution. This means less maintainance for us and hooray for money saving. :)

To give you a simpler way in order for you to understand why we wear headscarf, take two sweets (or anything with wrapping). Unwrap one. Throw both sweets to the ground. Which sweets will you pick up to eat? Of course the wrapping one because it still clean. :)

PS: I know I haven't been writing at all. Been busy. Will be back. SOON! I hope. :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

GLAM Heart

Come and support. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Siapa Baik Hati?

Cepat cepat!
Angkut aku pergi both events.
I want to see Wani Ardy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surat Untuk Tam #4

Mok Tam,

Angah tak tau kenapa malam ni angah macam rindu sangat dekat awak. Maybe sebab kepala angah serabut kot. Kalau masa awak ada dulu, peluk je awak angah rasa macam hilang semua masalah. Sebab tu angah suka peluk awak masa tidur. Tak baby boy. Angah bukan sayang awak masa angah ada masalah je. Masa angah senang pun angah sayang awak jugak. Ingat tak angah bawak awak jalan-jalan kalau kita balik enstek? Kat sana tak banya kereta jadi senang bawak awak jalan.

Tam, angah rindu awak tau. :’)

Love you always,


Friday, April 08, 2011


I don't know what to say.

Friday, April 01, 2011

19th Birthday Wishes.

I've turned 19 last Wednesday. Another year gain. Went out with Cheeza Majid as I mention in the last entry to celebrate my birthday.

Like previous years, here are the list of people who wish for my birthday, according to my watch. :)

Before 30th March

Chan Jun Kit
Intan Aziz
Hajar Mardhiah
Yong Hanis

On 30th March
Siu Wern
Iqbal Ismail
Liana Tazri
Redzuan Maula
Cheeza Majid
Sarah Aini
Kak Shana
Raja Fathin
Shima Abdullah
Tasha Tan
Fatin Najwa
Awin Rozani
Kak Fathy
Shamimi Rosni & Annysa Mansor
Ummi Zulaikha
Izlinur Afiq
Kak Fathy
Kak Dayah
Naz Amira
Hazim Amin
Hafizah Raheman
Raja Faris
Raja Razanah
Azril Ayub
Muhsinin Zainuddin
Kak Ili Sara
Fatin Farhana
Afiq Mohamad
Amir Aizat
Abang Rafiq
Khadijah Haq
Lyqa Hanim
Kak Asilah
Kak Yah
Izzat Zainal
Cik Norhamiza
Siva Sakhti
Emma Raus
Amalina Azhar
Fahdil Akmal
Thannusha Chillaya
Mak Pon
Farah Hanan
Arep Rahman
Aiman Nabihah
Faiqah Ramli
Kak Nisa
Tasya Bella
Kak Ti
Kak Shahirah
Kak Mimi
Rafzan Jamir
Hana Maher
Aiman Balqis
Ainaa Syazwani
Jia Li
Indah Athirah
Amalina Rusli
Hana Dalila
Samantha Lee Simon
Danial Khan
Amir Nafis
Afif Najmi
Firdaus Ismail
Ika Syahirah
Kak Azi
Farah Idayu
Kak Farah Syahidah
Syafiq Affy
Along Musalmah
Boy Amirin
Alya Akma
Izzudin Helmi
Abang Riz
Farah Farhanah
Farah Wahida
Ikhmal Rozani
Mak Su
Kak Manja
Nicolas Vergara
Raja Iliyana
Wan Nur Zakirah
Ziera Halim
Zahra Ghouse
Liyana Malik
Himmet Nair
Kak Mun
Huda Afifa
Zul Fadhli
Anthea Sim
Aqmal Mansor
Raja Elina
Daniel Noh
Iqmal Nur Iman
Shia Majid
Ajim Bulat
Tasha Adam

After 30th March
Kak Anis
Umul Wawa
Suhaila Abdullah
Nik Nur Atikah
Teacher Maisarah

Birthday Present :)

No I didn't get much for my birthday. But the warm wishes and thoughts were more priceless that the present. Anyhow, I got a slice of my favourite cake from Secret Recipe, Chocolate Banana from my little sister. I don't know how on earth did she manage to hide the cake from me in the refrigerator when I just clean and throw unwanted stuff in it few hours before. You can see the whole fridge when you open the door. Clever girl. She surprise me at midnight. Well, not really midnight. It was about 10, 15 minutes after midnight. I just got out of the toilet when I heard she singing along with Annysa our little neighbour. What funny is, I was just wearing my towel. I change straight after for picture purpose.

During the day, I waited the whole day for the package from my boyfriend. Oh yes, he posted a present for me all the way from Terengganu. He insist not to tell me what the gift is. The only clue that he gave was in a glass bottle. I honestly thought he going to give me a glass bottle full of folded stars, or something like that. HAHA.

To my surprise, it was a perfume and body lotion from The Body Shop. hehe. I called him as soon as I saw the box. I seriously didn't expect it. Thanks hun.

So that the only thing I got for my birthday. No worries, I don't care much about the present, but thought. The thought is much priceless.

Thank you all for making my 19th birthday wonderful. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lunch-Movie-Tea Date With Cheeza Majid

So, I’ve turned 19 yesterday. Hehe. Today I went for a date with Cheeza Majid. I picked her up at Shell Wangsa Maju. Went to the bank first and then to this language centre before arriving at Wangsa Walk. We went to Yamaha Fisrt when we arrive at Wangsa Walk to buy the thing my sister ask me to buy. But when I look at who at the counter I cancel it because I was sweating like hell. Then we went to buy tickets for ‘Just Go With It’. The moment of buying the ticket was athe best today. The guy call us ‘adik’ (by the way I think his name is Arif). ‘Just Go With It’ is a 18 years old and above movie, so Arif asked for our IC to see if we really are above 18. Before this no one ever ask for my IC, even before I was 18. I feel young for a moment. I feel even younger when he asked if I really a student when I show him my student ID to get lower price. So we look young after all, right Cheeza? Walk around a bit. Saw few wedges that is nice but not price nice to me, way expensive for the quality. So tak jadi beli though the shoe look cute.

Then we went hunting for lunch. Stomach making weird sound and it wants food. A&W is our choice. As usual, when hanging at Wangsa Walk with friends there is no other place for lunch. If not A&W, it’s Secret Recipe. We talk as we eat. It has been almost 2 months since I last saw Cheeza. A lot of catching up to do, especially on the gossip department. Hehe. We talk and talk about how other girls and boys do now, what I’ve been up to and how’s her Korean classes went.

At the cinema Cheeza spotted one cute tall Chinese guy. :P He’s cute alright. Anyway, we went inside and watch the movie. The movie was good. Any movie that have Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will be good. Especially if they were in it together. Worth every penny. It was very funny. I laugh my ass out. Oh yes I did.

When the movie ended, we went to Yamaha again, the same person was at the counter. The same one like last week. After buying it and we were out of Yamaha, Cheeza said that the guy is cute and I was like I told you so. Hehe.

I felt like eating Hot &Roll so we went down and bought it. Cheeza insist that she want to buy me a slice of cake so we went for tea dekat Secret Recipe. Feeling kind of hungry lagi, so I ordered Beef Lasagne. Since they’re out of Blueberry Cheesecake, I odered Chocolate Indulgence instead since I’ve got Chocolate Banana from my younger sister. Yes, those three are my favourite cake from Secret Recipe along with its Carrot Cake. And yes, we talk again. But this time about school and schoolmates. This was influence by the uncle and aunties behind us and we can’t help but listen. All stories of how we met, her first encounter with this guy, our Form 3 dinner, Prom, the gang and random teachers came up.

While walking back, no I don’t drive, we met our schoolmate, Amirin. All of us call him Boy. Talk for a minute. One thing that I can’t forget he said was, “Korang cantik lah sekarang.” And that makes me laugh. He wasn’t like that during school years.

We hang at my house for awhile waiting for Ibu to pick Cheeza up, and she brought Daniel along. He’s going to be 2 soon. He’s adorable as I remembered.

I had real fun today. Thanks to you Cheeza Majid. :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Jumpa Orang Mesir. :)

Ni haa orang Mesir. Jauh balik Malaysia. Dia dah ada dekat Malaysia few weeks, tapi baru dapat jumpa dia semalam. HANA DALILA, AWAK MAKIN TEMBAM! haha. Sedap sangat ke makanan dekat Mesir tu?

Sepatutnya aku gerak jumpa Hana ni dari pagi. Tapi ada hal pulak, jadinya lepas zohor baru jumpa dia, Cheeza and Hajar. Pergi Jusco for lunch. Bila dah nak habis makan, Yana and Jee sampai. Tunggu la mereka makan dulu. Sambil tu berborak sampai dah tak ingat nak bangun kat tempat lain. Orang lain yang dalam food court tu dah bertukar-ganti kami tak gerak-gerak lagi. Habis je semua makan, kerusi dah cukup panas, kita orang pun jalan-jalan la dalam Jusco.

Hajar muka bahagia je.

Mula-mula jalan macam tak ada arah tuju, sekali Hana masuk Vincci. Yelah dah 5 bulan tak balik Malaysia. hehe. I saw some nice shoes, but the thing ar, either it doesn't look good on my feet or the price are just too expensive for me.

That heels look good on Yana. :)

While this sandal looks good, it doesn't feels right when I'm wearing it. Memang dasar kena pakai closed shoes.


13 years. :)

Lepas Vincci masuk dalam Jusco. Memang tak ada arah tuju, main jaaaaalan je.

Mencuba saiz kasut sama tak sebab nak senang nak suruh Hana belikan kasut dekat Mesir. Dia kata kat sana boleh tahan murah.

Tempat Jee duduk tu, berganti-ganti kami duduk sebab kusyen dia empuk.

Lepas tu Yana hantar kami semua balik rumah Hana. Kimi singgah kejap jumpa kami. Alang-alang dia ada ambil group foto terus lah. :) Ada banyak tapi kalau letak semua muntah pulak tengok. Pergi tengok kat FB ye kalau nak yang lain.

Hajar's doing Hana's current favourite pose. Kononya bagi slimming effect dekat muka.

Seronok gadis-gadis main buih. HAHA.

Memang semua suka menyandar dekat aku. Harap maklum lah badan empuk macam kusyen. :P

Bila outing dengan mereka ni, serius rasa macam zaman sekolah dulu. :)

Anak siapa lah ni seronok sangat main buih? HAHA.

Last sekali, thanks Kimi jadi driver last minute aku. :)

Thanks for the fun evening ladies. :)