Wednesday, October 05, 2011

20 Things

1) List 20 things that you want to say people, but never will.
2) Don’t say who they are.
3) Never discuss it again.

One. For once in my life I met the most insecure person. YOU. At first I admire you for the way you brought yourself and how your always look good no matter what you wear. But as time past, I learnt that sometimes you are jealouse of what other people have. And when there is slight similarity of something that is yours and someone else, you always claim that this particular person copy you. PLEASE GROW UP AND BE SECURE ABOUT YOURSELF.

Two. I know that you are older and should be wiser than me. Sometimes I wish you could just admit your mistake and say sorry. But in our relationship, I'm not in position to say things like this.

Three. I'm not sure if I have forgive you or not. But I smile and laugh the moment I thought of what you did to me.

Four. I wish you could see how amazing you are. And please stop denying what I said when its true. I know its true and I know you know it.

Five. Kau fly tak bagi tahu aku. Merajuk. Baik bagi aku berkilogram kasih sayang. Oh, and some pretty souvenir please.

Six. I know you sort of hate dislike me at first. And you annoys me like crazy most of the time. You make me say harsh words, slap you at your face, knock your head and kick your ass. And there are times when I feel like killing you. But just so you know, I'll kill for you more. :')

Seven. Just because you are younger, it does not give you the permit to act foolish ALLLL the time. Grow up.

Eight. I know you know so many poeple but that doesnot mean you know everything. Stop being I'm-Little-Miss-Know-Everything.

Nine. Although sometimes I wish you did not do what you did, you are still the best person in the world. You will always be my #1. FULLSTOP.

Ten. Stop taking tooo many pictures.

Eleven. Don't try to influenced me. I don't like your way.

Twelve. I made a big mistake. Forgive me?

Thirteen. Stop saying that people is wrong and you are right.

Fourteen. Awak kakak paling best untuk kami adik-adik. Yang terbaik untuk awak kakak.

Fifteen. If I don't reply your messages, don't message again until I message you.

Sixteen. I'm good at faking. Don't be fool.

Seventeen. You make me feel loved. Thanks. :)

Eighteen. Stop acting so rich. It makes you look so cheap.

Nineteen. I don't like you as a teacher, and person.

Twenty. Can't you just accept people's advice?

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