Sunday, September 25, 2011

Respecting Other's Religion

Every religion have its own belief and tradition. I think its not nice to say things about people’s religion and tradition. I bet you don’t want people to say that about your religion and tradition too.

Muslim’s ladies wore scarf/hijab around their head to cover their head and chest because of the demand of the religion. This demand were made because of certain reason.

These are few reasons that I can think of to tell you why we Muslim’s ladies wear a piece of cloth over our head:

1. To prevent us from bad gossips/stories. When we wear headscarf, people will less likely to talk bad about us because there is good perception towards us.

2. To prevent from being rape. When we cover ourselves, all of our ‘assets’ and curves, etc. can’t be seen especially by man who easily be seduce by it.

3. It’s hard for people to photoshop us. People can do so many things with technology. By covering up, its hard for them who have bad intention to photoshop our picture because there is many editing involve.

4. Bonus points for us ladies who wear headscarf, we have beautiful hair. :) This is bacause our hair are not exposed to the harsh sun rays, dust and other polution. This means less maintainance for us and hooray for money saving. :)

To give you a simpler way in order for you to understand why we wear headscarf, take two sweets (or anything with wrapping). Unwrap one. Throw both sweets to the ground. Which sweets will you pick up to eat? Of course the wrapping one because it still clean. :)

PS: I know I haven't been writing at all. Been busy. Will be back. SOON! I hope. :)

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