Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello and Assalamu'alaikum.

WOW! It really has been an extremely long time since I truly write. I admit I have been neglecting this blog for not posting for a long time. Been busy with my own stuff and I just do not know what to write. So just to warming up, now I am currently having my long break after I finished my diploma 6 weeks ago befor I continue my degree in January, insya-Allah. I spend my days doing chores and onlining, which sound boring to most of you yes. Its not that I don't want to work and make some kaching, it just; there so many things to do at home. every time I'm on break my mom got me in charge to throw anything unwanted in the house, and man that really take a long time to do. Since I am what my elder sister likes to call order-neat-organisation freak. I haven't been doing much though because I spend the first month sleep through the day. HAHA. I guess that just it. I'll write soon. Promise though.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selling Colour Pencils (SOLD)

Not more than two months ago I bought a box of 12 colour pencils because I thought mine were running out. Instead, when I come home and checked, I still have two boxes of 24 and a box of 12 colour pencils. So I decided to let go of this one.

Its a box of 12 Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils in their 250 years anniversary packaging (?). It comes with free brush as the pencil turns to paint. Just with the touch of a wet brush, the rich water soluble pencil colours dissolve into brilliant water colours. Colours blend beautifully, with brush and water to create unlimited shades -- for best result use watercolour or heavy grade papers. The pencil are EcoPencil because the wood from Certified Sustainable Forestry meaning the wood are 100% wood from well-mananged forest. You can visit for more info on this. The leads are thick and specially SV bonded (God knows what SV bonded is) to prevent breakage. Clean and easy sharpening is GUARANTEED - when you choose Faber-Castell sharperners. Other features are; name space provided on both the box and pencils and a hang tab can be pull to slide out the drawer.

1. Please avoid dipping watercolour pencils in water.
2. For best performance, store pencils in cool and dry place.
3. This colour pencils are made for children age 3 years old and above.

The colour pencils are brand new, I have never used it. I bought it for RM 13.00 (price tag still attached at the back of the box) and willing to sell for only RM 12.00 (cause I kinda fold the Hang Tab)

Good for schools kids/teachers, art student/teachers and teacher-trainee (as you need to do a lot of teaching materials).

So anyone interested?


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20th Birthday Wishes

Hello fellow readers. I am terribly sorry for not updating properly for more than a year now. But but, I will somehow find time to update this blog. I simply didn't blog because I don't know what to write. So I've turned 20 twenty-six days ago. So, like the previous years, here the list of the people that wished me in order. :)

On 30th March 2012
Kak Shila
Kak Vithia
Kak Freeda
Afiq Mohamad
Acap Nooh
Yong Hanis
Rizki Faruzzi
my mommah
Sara Alia
Yana Norsan
Bo, Hafiz, Owais and Daus
Ummi Zulaikha
Nana Madeonus
Izzat Zainal
Nazirul Naim
Aunty Sal
Fatin Najwa
Annysa Mansor
Nadial Ismail
Mak Su
Athirah Zaini and Lisa Mansor
Redzuan Maula
Mak Cik
Nurul Nasquin
Ikhwan Rozani
Ikhmal Rozani
Mak Pon
Ajim bulat
Raja Razanah

After 30th March 2012
Daniel Syukry
Harizah Syahirah
Aima Balqis

So there were 57 people who wished me in person, through FB and Twitter. Thank you so much for remembering and make the effort to wish me. Bo, Hafiz, Owais and Daus sing 'Happy Birthday' song to me through the phone when teruna called. What a good surprise. Urm, my previous housemates (Kak Azie, Kak Shana, Kak Anis, Yana and Aten) surprise me with an A4 paper pasted to the door of my room with their messages. Teruna surprised me with a red laptop backpack that I've been saving money to buy. The most incredible thing is FYNN JAMAL wished me! Seriously I feel like the biggest rockstar just wished me happy birthday when I saw her wishes. My elder sister, Idrin Rosni, gave my present weeks before my birthday. She gave me Langit Vanilla by Wani Ardy. :)

So that just it for my birthday. No fancy party and stuff. I don't mind. Oh, I remove the birthday reminder at FB just because. But I guess, people knew my birthday before I remove it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caine's Arcade


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Makna Bacaan Dalam Solat

Bila dah tahu makna, lebih khusyu'. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Generation

I miss school years. :')

High school was great for me. I had a great, great ride. And now it's over.
- Hayden Panettiere (I Love You, Beth Cooper)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lima.LimaPuluh by sueannajoe

click HERE to see the full entry about the contest. and to vote for me.

&& here is my entry for the contest:

Salmah sedang melipat TUJUH helai kain BATIK sewaktu adiknya LANGSING datang TERKAM dirinya dek hendak menyampaikan berita terbaru di FACEBOOK.

i need your votes in order to win. care to vote for me people? :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


2011 have been the year that i've change the most. so, long story short. in 2011 i have:-

1) been in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and part of 5th semester of my studies. (1 more to go before practicum)
2) been in a relationship after 3 years. (will be 10 months this 22nd)
3) have been more sarcastic in term of pronunciuation.
4) i've turned 19. hehe.
5) drove without abah in the car with me a couple of time.
6) I actually only wrote less than 10 poem. lost my creativity.
7) wrote at least 20 lesson plan.
8) been to waterfall abseiling. total adreanaline rush!
9) drop my CGPA under 3.0 and brought it up again.
10) wore heels only twice on my 4th semester.
11) eat more healthy.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Job Vacancy!

Tadika Naluri (Branch: Bangi, Bandar Seri Putra, Selayang dan Saujana Utama) is looking for you. Yes, you! SPM leavers and STPM leavers. There's job vacancy waiting for you. Contact Hajar Mardhiah Arifin for further info.

Don't waste your time at home doing nothing.

Ps: She gave me the phone number but I don't dare reveal it because I haven't ask for her permission.