Thursday, April 26, 2012

Selling Colour Pencils (SOLD)

Not more than two months ago I bought a box of 12 colour pencils because I thought mine were running out. Instead, when I come home and checked, I still have two boxes of 24 and a box of 12 colour pencils. So I decided to let go of this one.

Its a box of 12 Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils in their 250 years anniversary packaging (?). It comes with free brush as the pencil turns to paint. Just with the touch of a wet brush, the rich water soluble pencil colours dissolve into brilliant water colours. Colours blend beautifully, with brush and water to create unlimited shades -- for best result use watercolour or heavy grade papers. The pencil are EcoPencil because the wood from Certified Sustainable Forestry meaning the wood are 100% wood from well-mananged forest. You can visit for more info on this. The leads are thick and specially SV bonded (God knows what SV bonded is) to prevent breakage. Clean and easy sharpening is GUARANTEED - when you choose Faber-Castell sharperners. Other features are; name space provided on both the box and pencils and a hang tab can be pull to slide out the drawer.

1. Please avoid dipping watercolour pencils in water.
2. For best performance, store pencils in cool and dry place.
3. This colour pencils are made for children age 3 years old and above.

The colour pencils are brand new, I have never used it. I bought it for RM 13.00 (price tag still attached at the back of the box) and willing to sell for only RM 12.00 (cause I kinda fold the Hang Tab)

Good for schools kids/teachers, art student/teachers and teacher-trainee (as you need to do a lot of teaching materials).

So anyone interested?


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