Friday, October 28, 2011

Quirkiest Match Up That Actually Work

Sweet and salty. Almost everyone's favourite, if not combine. But what does it really taste like when combine. Like when you combine vanilla ice cream with salted fries I bet. Uh-huh that good. wanna know what you can combine? Read up.

Salted Nuts & Honey
Use the honey as a plain dip. Or you may drizzle it over the nuts and toast them in the oven. Mix in some light butter and add some water so it doesn't get too sweet.

White Chocolate & Olives
Try dipping the olives in melted white chocolate like you do with marshemellows.

Blue Cheese & Grapefruit
Put 'em in salad! Mix it with other greens and sweet vinaigrette.

Pretzels & Peanut Butter
Go for smooth peanut butter as you already get the crunch from the pretzels. Original flavour pretzels work best, so that it doesn't have too crazy mix of flavours.
ps: This can be a healthier party food option.

Turkey Ham & Broccoli
Use young broccoli (young broccoli should be bright green and able to snap off easily from its stem). Use fresh batch because if stored in refrigerator the broccoli can lose its natural sweetness.

Source: seventeen Malaysia magazine November 2011 issue.

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