Friday, June 06, 2008


Finally, Abah brought us to dentist. Well, I'm waiting for this time for years now. We woke up at 0600 and left home at about 0700. Went to Sungai Besi wait for the dentist to call us one by one. Adik just doing her check up. The dentist said she don't need bracess because her teeth is well done. But Along and I will have one. So the dentist check my teeth and took the pattern. I have no problem when she took the pattern for my lower teeth but when she want to take the pattern of my upper teeth, I felt like thrown up. Then they need to do another gum-like-purple-colour-ish stuff to take my upper teeth pattern again. So the dentist asked me to breath through my nose and move my feet thumb. So I did but when it almost done, I felt like thrown up again but thank god I didn't. So the next appointment will be on next Monday or Tuesday at MINDEF. I will do the x-ray first. And maybe in this month too I'll be wearing it. Don't ask me what colour I choose. Because I did at goverment dental. So I don't know if I can pick the colour. Dan Dan said we can but we have to pay some ammount. He done his bracess at MINDEF so maybe I'll discuss with abah and then with the dental. MAYBE. I want to have me bracess coloured. But I don't know if Abah allow me to.

When I'm the dentist room, I listened to some songs. One of is was Hujan's song, Ku Ingin Mau Tahu. So I told Along. I said, "Hujan ada lagu baru eyh? Ku Mau Kau Tahu." Then Along said, "Lagu tu da setahun da." OMG. How can I not know? When I'm the one who know first about Hujan way before they were famous than Along.


n u r i d r i n said...

finally u get urs..
i did'nt expect fer mine..

Aisyah Pahmi said...

wedges kat vincci klcc cun! :D
shoes makes me feel good, mmmmmmmmm :)
ou, goodluck with the braces! :D

Miss Fynn said...

"ku mau kau tau"

Fatin said...

bes nye braces. I want to get braces, but my dad said no.sheesh.haha :)