Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rantai Gravity 2010

So I went to the event at National Art Gallery with My little sister Shamimi with our neighbour Annysa. Since I'm afraid to drive and still a little phobia, we took the public transport. Originally we were planning to start moving at noon sharp but due some complication we begin a bit later.

At first I thought I want to take the taxi to Setiawangsa LRT Station to Masjid Jamek's and change to Star Route to Titiwangsa station before walking to the gallery. Thinking that will be too tiring and my mom gave me another choice I change tha plan. My public transport knowledge are so rusty no. Anyway, we took taxi from Wangsa Maju to Setiawangsa LRT Station. Then ride it until Damai LRT Station. We waited for few minutes there because it's Friday and on Friday it's hard to get taxi between 12 noon to 2 o'clock. The taxi arrived and we ride until infront of National Heart Institute before crossing the road and walk about 5 minutes to the gallery.

I was a bit excited because this is the fisrt time ever I step to the gallery even I've lived in Kuala Lumpur almost all my life. Was a bit frustrated because we forgot to bring the camera along *raising eyebrow*.

Walked into the building we first step into a exhibit hall before heading to where the Rantai is. Rantai this year compared to the one I've went in 2008 has more booth. The only thing that I don't favour is that the booth is set too close to each other but I figure it happen because of the limited space provided. The booth are selling good and nice stuff. The items are affordable too. This time around no painting or pictures were in display maybe because it already exhibit during Rantai Art Himpun. There's booth selling yummy cuppies and delish cookies too. Overall I can say that I enjoy the booth. I didn't wait for the performances though because it looks like its going to rain and I'm catching the public transport.

After leaving Rantai we wandered around the gallery, went in and out of the exhibit hall looking and trying to analysing the art.

Below are items that I bought at the event:-

I bought this dress for RM5. Uh-huh no kidding RM5.
But I can't fit in it. I'm thinking to give it to my elder sister. If she can't fit in it too, I'm going to sell it with the same price. Excluding postage.
Anyway it's pink with pink polka dots.

Here is the close up of the print.

Of course the Rantai t-shirt.
The fabric pretty delicate(?) though. Pretty sure I'm going to rarely wearing it.

Bought this green bag orange in colour for RM10.
I forgot to ask their website. But according to Rantai Art page its 'Handmade Item Shifa Mahmud'.
They also selling bracelet, brooch, locket, book mark, frame, coin purse etc.

Bought this two selendang from Modish Mode House.
The blogshop call it Plain Jane Studded.
At the blog it cost Rm18 each. But at the event it cost RM15 each.
Because I bought two of them it cost me Rm 10 each, so I pay Rm20 for both.

This is the studded on the shocking pink shawl...

...and this one on the dark brown.


hanaD said...

bagi kte kalau kakak awak tak muat! haha

Farah Rosni said...

hehe. kite jual.

saffSO said...

Cantik nya polka dot tu.
farah, kalau awak pergi today. lagi banyak booth ouh

Farah Rosni said...

cantik kan? tapi sayang kite tak muat.
can't help it sebab tu pegi jumaat. kalau tak nak pegi sabtu gak. kawan kite perform.