Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Semester 2

Semester 2 started 3 weeks ago. I'm not home for this weekend because my family went to Johor for a wedding and my mom's reunion. They will be back on Tuesday if I'm not mistaken. That's why I'm not with them. I maybe will come if they come home on Sunday.

What it feel like not coming home on weekend when your house is 1 hour away and you don't have your friends here with you? Boring. Pretty much I just sit in my room online, listening/singing to songs, reading and watch movies. Or I do the side stuff like cleaning the house and did my revision.

This semester I'm suppose to take 5 subject. However, the faculty failed to find a lecturer for the subject Second Language Learning and Teaching. So I left with 4 subject that is Principles of Education in Malaysia (Mr Baghawi), Introduction to Literature in English (Mdm Hamidah), Phonetics & Phonology in English (Mr Lim) and Writing Skills II (Miss Salina). All my lecturer for this semester are full with spirit except for one. So far the classes are fine. I haven't got much assingment yet.

Last Wednesday, Mr Lim did a pop quiz with us. We barely answer the quiz. I barely answer it. Eventhough Mr Lim have inform us on the previous week that he will do pop quiz with us.

That's pretty much about it I think.

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