Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jasper Tam Techik

We are all attach to something. Like my family and I we were attach to our little cat. Well, he’s fat and flabby instead of little. He’s little because he just 1 year old. He satrt living with us when my elder sister brought him home during her practicum in Klang. Before him my sester and her frined back at campus were looking after his mother. He’s been staying with us since late November 2009.

His name is Jasper Tam Techik. I know, what a long name for a cat. You may wonder why a cat can have such long name. Well, the very first name he got was Techik (small). When he was a baby he was very small. My elder sister name him like that. Then when my sister brought him to our house I want to name him Jacob but my elder sister want to name him Edward (It was the time of Twilight Saga mind you). But then to avoid arguing, we decide to name it Jasper because the three of us like Jasper. We went out that night for dinner. When we come home my mom already call him Tam (black). He already warm up to that name and didn’t entertain us when we call him Jasper. So we stick to Tam.

My family have different version of Tam. My mom and dad call him Tam. My elder sister call him Mok Tam (fat black). My younger sister call him Rustam. While I call him Ci Tam. But as long as there’s Tam in it, he’ll respond.

He likes to scratch. He scratch on every surface that he can. He loves scratching on my mom’s sofa. Oo yeah. He love if people rub his body. Like this:

He hate taking bath. Really since little he hates it when I’m taking him to bath. Usually I’m the one who gave him the bath. He’ll hold my back with his nails when he saw the bathroom. He’ll stand everytime I’m giving him bath.

At the early stage we let him sleep in his cage. But when he’s three or four months old we tke him to sleep with us. He has his own pillow in the house, and in the car too. He even has his own soft toy, towel, comb, bottle even chair. If he sleep on my parents bed, he even pick sides. He hate sleeping where the sun shine is. He likes to curl up like this when he sleep:

He even have weird posture when he sleep like this:

If we bring him to the house in Negeri Sembilan, he’ll wake up early to watch the bird. We don’t let him out without supervision there. He’ll just stare at the birds and somehow knock the window as if he can catch them. He’ll stand like this:

He like to catch lizard, cockroaches, moth and butterfly. He’ll act like he can jump so high to catch the creatures.

He will grr at the people that he never meet. But he pick too. There this one time when a female friend of mine come to my house, he sat at her feet.

Whenever we brought him joyride, we let him sit by the window and he will be like this:

Now that I’m in hostel, everytime I come home, the first thing that I’ll find is him. He’ll smell me first to be familiar with my smell. Whenever I miss home I will look at his pictures and watch his videos. I’ll laugh, I’ll cry.

Home baby boy. Safe and sound.