Friday, December 19, 2008


yeah, i've been doing nothing beside watching movies/dvds, art event, photography exhibition and sculpture exhibition. yeah, i know what you say;

"lagi2 seni. art. photography. xde benda lain ke?"
"mcm xde life"
"loner lah kau."

it's like, so what. aku suka, so i went. there's place that aku patut pegi, but i didn't go. so, sorry girls.

so here are some movies that i've watch:

tgh tayang kat 8tv tiap2 ahad pukul 3.
tapi aku dah tgk smpai habis.
best :)
mmg kdg2 rasa mcm bodoh gila cerita ni. tp entah la ada hidden message.
tgk and cari sendiri eyh.

five things about this movie:
1. scares me to death to have a boyfriend.
2. makes me want a boyfriend who plays guitar even more.
3. makes me appreciate my family more, even sometimes they drive me nuts!
4. makes me appreciate my very own self, for what i am even more. :)
5. it just makes me smile all day long. (i think maybe aaron johnson will appear in my dream)

super funny!
and it makes you appreciate your friends more.
it also open your eyes: sometimes person that you love just next door and it takes you half the world to realise it.

bought this movie last week(?)
seriously, it a very sad movie. that's why it called sad movie. but i kept laughing, because some parts are just really funny.

(adik, i don't care if you've put it. i want to put it too)
below this are like their wishes/things they felt/ stuff they're wondering: (sorta)
(according the above picture)

"Today, I will make her the happiest woman on Earth."
"Today, I'm hoping for a rainy weather."

"As long as she don't leave me, I don't give two hoots about other lovers in this world breaking off."
"Love sustains itself even without all the material things in life, I have lost faith in this proverb."

"When will I be give a chance to draw he face?"
Does this man holds the key to my heart?"

"I'm always busy, I'm not a good mother to my son."
"I know that it is bad to lie, but losing one's mother is worse than this."

and now, are like their story.
(according to the above picture too)

"I love you"
A 30-year-old fireman choose a ring for his girlfriend, hoping to be with her forever.

"I understand"
A young slacker and a deep-hearted woman see their long-lasting love start to grow cold.

Dreaming of first love, a deaf woman who hides a wound on her face pursues him from behind."

"I'm sorry"
An 8-year-old boy who longs for his mother's embrace, locked in battle with his always busy mother.

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