Thursday, December 25, 2008


How would you describe yourself?

angel or devil?
little bit of both.

nice or mean?
also little bit of both.

naughty or nice?
little bit of both.

smart or dumb?
dumb a bit.

party animal or book nerd?
just very tiny part of both.

Whats sexy about you?
i don't know. why don't you ask around.

are you confident?
most of the time. well, i used to.

make up or no makeup?
depends where i go. but ussually with make up.

silly or seriouse?
more silly, i think.

shy or outgoing?
outgoing and just a little shy.

boring or fun?
fun. but i can be boring.

quiet or loud?
am loud. u maybe need a pair of earplug.

are you emotional?
now? most of the time. due to the hormone.

happy or sad?
now? just plain.

how much do u weigh?
don't ask me. only one of my friends always now my weigh.

are you tall or short?
not too short, not too tall.

normal or different?
am different.

do you follow trends?
not really.

label yourself?
you mean?

like yourself?
yeah. sort of.

hate yourself?

think your pretty?
sometimes. haha.

make mistakes?
everyone does.

wish you were someone else?
maybe once or twice.

destroy yourself?

do people like you?
go ask them.

wat do pple say about you?

who knows you the best?
i got to say lyqa and naim.

best physical feature?
i don't know.

most embarrasing moment?
hahaha. the girls know. it was early last year. at a match.

favorite person?
family and friends.

favorite place?
i don't know. beach?

favorite thing to do?

cellphones brand?

screen name?
farah rosni.

favorite city?
i don't know.

favorite sports team?
i don't know.

fear of?
Allah. dark.

saddest moment is?
when people don't understand you.

thoughts of commitment?

thoughts of love?
full of surprise.

thoughts of marriage?
maybe i'll think of it later.

LoVe ~LiFe
guy type?
simple but sweet. that's so typical.

has a guy ever hit you?
yeah. on;y the close one.

what do u hate about guys?
they simply don't care.

still friends with your ex?
yeah. :)

black or white guys?
haha. i don't care.

dork or bad boy or preppy boy or skater boy?
skater boy. :P

ever cheated on someone?
yeah. sorry dude.

ever gotten cheated on?

what hurts tha most?
when you already give your trust but they break it.

guyfriends or girlfriends?

guys wearing girl pants?
it can be cool.

longest relationship?
2 days to 11 months.

ever been heartbroken?

broken someones heart?
yeah. twice. erk.

someone u love pass away?

ever thought about suicide?
few times.

ever did something u regret?

ever cry over a guy?
hell yeah. how silly is that?

ever write to someone locked up ?

ever got locked up or sent away?

ever love someone so much it hurt?

ever starve yourself to impress a guy?
no way. never.

ever want someone you couldn't have?

what would you say about sex?
can you at least be married first? based on love? please?

party wit guys?
haha. once. not wild party ok.

guys who like videogames too much?
friends with few. and close to one. thay kind of irritating.

whats one wish?
can i have more than one.

one thing u are thankful for?
having such fantastic family and friends eventhough sometimes thay drove me nuts!

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