Wednesday, December 31, 2008


dua ribu lapan sudah hampir ke penghujung. byk yg terjadi, byk perlu dilupakan, byk yang masih perlu diperbaiki. i think i'm gonna blog about what happen to me this past one year. takde la aku nak buat karangan, karang jd benda lain. so, long story short.

1. have a relationship and broke up one and half month after that. because of something that only him and i and few other peoples know why. regret that i broke his heart. :|
2. balik kampung sendiri naik bas dgn adik for the first time! malam lagi. :)
3. call someone just to wish his birthday at midnight and tuck him to sleep. on the phone la. for the first time. :D
4. like someone but kept it to myself for quite sometime but then forget him.
5. lose some friends and found new great one! :)
6. don't like my teacher and don't do my homework. for the first time.
7. tell a friend's secret to the whole group. sorry ah, makkk!
8. had the best raya ever! haha.
9. didn't talk to someone for months eventhough we see each other like everyday.
10. been told that i have thyroid and need to take medicine for life time! :O
11. felt more bless with my family and friends. and myself. :)
12. bought to much shoes! :O
13. having a unstable mood for the most time.
14. met fynn jamal. and wanna met her again. :)
15 have a friend that i can always depend on and i can tell everything. :)

apa lagi haaa? tu je la kot. xde yg besar2 sgt pun jd. tapi aku sendiri yang buat mcm ada benda besar jadi.

so, selamat tinggal dua ribu lapan. selamat datang dua ribu sembilan.
hope everything will be much better next year. :)

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