Wednesday, November 26, 2008

School Holidays

i don't know what i have done during this school holiday. but mostly, i only watch movies, dvd's, blog-ing, and msn-ing. just that but here what i've done:-

during last week:
1. sleep late
2. wake up late
3. tidy the house, hall mostly (who ever that have been to my house know how my house look like)
4. basketball-ing with boy-friends and girl-friends
5. watching dvd's when i have noting to do
6. finish 'where rainbows end (its a really great story)
7. eat unhealthyly

this week so far:
1. sleep late, even later
2. wake up late, even much more later
3. tidy the house (going to move on with the 'shoe room' down there)
4. watching movies at along's laptop (because she's home)
5. watching dvd's again
6. read over 'buku merah'
7. eat a little healthyly

so i guess that's all if been done during this one and half week of holidays. there still one month and one week more to go. fortunately nest month i have things to do and my dear corporation teacher already booked me for form1 orientation next year. so i would be so bored. and my parents and grandpa will be back next month so the house will be visit by people 24/7 (not really 24/7, you know what i mean).

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