Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fatin Zulaikha

i love her. i miss her. babe, we really need a girl talk. and a fun outings. and sleepover. there's a lot to catch up. ouh, and picnic toooo!

ps: she never really left me when she moved to shah alam.

"on top of oh-so-hot-right-now list:
i wanna have picnic with them, yes my dear toppy friends.
ok and let me do the menu, thre will be sandwiches, colorful of donut(yummy) and im thnking about baking cupcakes and pizza:DDDD"

1 comment:

EykaHamasuba said... same la. terkeliru sket..hahaha.. ni fatin zulaikha binti ape ni? saye fatin zulaikha abu samah..hehehe kim slm kwn farah ni ek. :)