Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Day

last day of school for 2008 session. it was pretty BORINGGGG. no, it was really boringggg. since i woke up this morning i'm thinking what am i going to do for the rest of the day. early in the morning, after the extremely long lecture that i don't need to explain here, went upstairs to class then i went out agin cause i was so bored, following hazim to the head of subject room. there, cikgu siti zabedah and pn malyati ask me to help them, so i did because of the boredom. after about 30 minutes, i went back to class, talk a bit with friends that i miss - aizat, pqot, amin - its been like ages since i last met them because they are now studying at boarding school. then went down for recess, i ate nasi lemak mak raja farah for the last time this year - kalau mak kau dapat tender kantin sekolah lagi tahun depan boleh aku makan lagi. after that i went up to the staff room because i need to get the key to school coperation to take co-curicular book for nadir. after returning the key to pn zakiah, i spend a little time at her place, talking to her and ustazah faridah - mereka berdua adalah guru terapat dengan aku. then went to editorial board computer which situated not far from her place, just to see the final touch that my friends do. then i was helping pn zakiah cutting the fruits. that was like the fourth time i'm cutting fruits - ada besar, ada kecik. hahahaha. then helping few other teacher until about almost noon i went down to the open hall, sit with my friends. before went back, we kissed and hugged each other. like ussually we did before we went home, it just we don't hug.

books checklist:-

books that being borrowed:
- Runaway at alina
- Step On It, Cupid at bella
- Goddess Games at hajar
- If You Could See Me Now at sammy
- Little Secrets 2&3 at cheeza

currently at me:
- Where Rainbows End borrowed from siu wern

will be borrow soon:
- A Place Called Here borrow from siu wern
- Thanks For The Memories borrow from siu wern

want to buy:
- Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall
- The Debs
- Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year
- The Gift
- One Fifth Avenue
- Seduse Me At Sunrise
*if anyone have any of these books, tell me. so i don't have to buy them. :)

already read:
- countless. ;p

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