Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sick Of Being Sick

Aaaaaaaa. It has been three days I have this cold, fever and sore throat. Yesterday was the worst. Today I can barely speak. I noded, shook and show my hands for sign languange. I felt it even worst because today I have to sit for my Biology and Chemistry paper. Macam nak tercabut kepala tau. Well, some said it happen like this because I refuse to eat panadol. I don't want to eat it because it takes 2 years for panadol to hadam. Mhmm, last night when I'm trying to eat other medicine other than Uphamol 650, that is Panadol soluble, I only manage to drink quater of the glass. I throw the rest of it when adik said, "Dah la ngah, buang je la kalau tak habis." Ahh, I need to recover at least on Friday because I need to be in good condition by Friday night for my Endau-Rompin camping. Damn, I miss camping. The last camping that went was almost 2 years ago. Need to off. My body need a rest.

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Aisyah Hamid said...

Wooooot! Farah pun pergi? Best lah macam ni. (poyo)