Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Endau-Rompin Memoirs

Pax at Kuala Jasin

Pax at Upih Guling

Big Elly, without Lavania

Well, the journey started at 0300 on 24 May. We stoped at Ayer Keroh at 0430 for Subuh and continue our journey. Then we stoped at Kluang at 0800 for breakfast. I can't slept well in bus because Atikah, Wafiy, and Azrif can't stop talking and laughing. Then we hit Kahang to wait for four wheel to go to the center. We wait there for 30 minutes, sempat la pergi toilet. Then, went to NERC with four wheel. It took 2 hours to arrive to the center. Most of us slept in the four wheel. What I realised in the four wheel is the temperature. Inside the four wheel was 29 degree celsius and outside was 55 degree celsius - the highest, I don't know if there's mistake. Arrive at the center, we send our bag in the dorm. I slept with Liyana and Fatin. Then we went for lunch then to a hall for some talks about the national park and all. Then we went down to a field for ice breaking. Being paired, our hand were tied to each other. And we have to find a way to free ourself. Then we were broke into group. I was in Elephant group with Farah Wahida, Liyana, Fatin, Khatijah, Iver, Lavania and Tharni. We named our group 'Big Elly'. Other group was Keradibles, Pak Belang and Helang Merah. Then, that night, after had our dinner - Big Elly have to wash all the dishes - , we went for night walk. Many of us scream because of the leeches. Then, went back to our dorm and get ready to sleep. On the way to toilet, I think I got bite by leeches. Just one. I just realise when it was bleeding. Then we went to sleep. Believe it or not. It was only 2130 then.

On the second day, I woke up at 0630. Went to the toilet and all. After that, we went down to the field and do chicken dance and streching. I enjoyed the chicken dance. After that we went for breakfast and get ready for jungle trekking. Our group teacher was Ustaz Rizal, Cikgu Rashidi, Cikgu Shahrul and Cikgu Syamsurri - they're not exactly our group teacher, they just need to be in the same boat with us. Our group fasilitator was Abang Ashok. Went group by group to Pacau with boat that took 30 to 40 minutes. Trekking a little bit - we saw elephant dunk - until we arrive to Pacau Campsite. We stayed there for about 15 minutes. We heard Abang Raj talk about the Kuala Jasin. Then, we took group photo. Then, we took our lunch pack and continue our journey. There's river crossing and water testing. We did water testing at this one river, get the result and all. Then the jungle trekking continue until at this campsite we had our lunch, saw ikan kelah - very big one and the water was crystal clear. Then we went to Blue Lake - yes, crystal clear water - which take 12 minutes trekking. Bath there. I have to take over Cikgu Rashidi's job, take few pictures and then pass to Aisyah because I want to swim and Cikgu Rashidi trying to prove that Science wrong. He tried to make the stone stand on a very small edge. Then we back to NERC. We saw 3 sizes of tiger's foot prints - it scares me - and Aisyah got bite by leeches at her arse. Really. Took our bath - with no lights because there's only electricity from 1900 until 0700 - and have some rest before went for dinner at 1930 - Pak Belang wash the dishes. Then we watch a talk about tropical rain forest by Abang Raj and insect by Abang John. After that, we went to dorm and sleep at 2340. I slept with Fatin because it was cold.

On third day, woke up at 0630 again, went to toilet and all. Then streching and chicken dance again. Miss Tan, Puan Kamisah, Ustaz Rizal, Cikgu Ravi and Cikgu Rashidi joined us. After had our breakfast, we went on boat to Pacau and trekking to Denai Dato' Ghani. Then we started hiking to Gunung Janing Barat. I breath like hell. It was so loud until five people in front of me can hear it. Then when I was so tired, I stop until I saw Cikgu Syamsurri who was in the middle of the whole group. So, I joint him. He offer me to carry my bag, but I refuse, I want to feel the thrill. When arrive at the top, the loud breath, the rock climbing and the leeches was worth it. The view from the top was breath taking. I smiled until my ears. Cikgu Syamsurri teasing me. We saw Upih Guling from there. Then when all of us have arrive, Abang Raj told us, we were great because we arrived 30 mintes earlier than estimated. Had our lunch and went to a place that have periuk kera on the top. We did the water testing again. Heard some facts about the periuk kera and went down. On the way down, Nabihah and I almost fell. I was behind Miss Kong and Miss Tan before I over took them - it was raining at that time. Than after a few minutes, Liyana was in front of me and behind me was only Tharni and Farah Wahida! Just the four of us. Then I said, "Wah, hebat gila. Turun tak de guide. Haha." Liyana replied, "Berani mati do." Then I said, "Takpe. Selagi ada benda merah tu betul lah." Then, we wait for all to arrive down at Pacau Campsite - we're not the first one to arrive. Then went back with boat. After had our bath, we went to the hall and discuss about our perfomances that night. We have to do two, one were base on script and we need to creat the other one. Then, after maghrib, we had our dinner and went down to field for insect watching. So, I saw green beatle, cicada, moth, cockroaches and all. Then do our perfomances. The first perfomances that with script we did the story about 'The Tortoise and Mr Hare'. I'm the Mr Hare (rabbit), Liyana did the opening, Tharni was the story teller, Iver was the Tortoise, Farah Wahida was at the finishing line, Nabihah and Khatijah was the tree. We got the highest mark for that. The created we did Seloka Endau-Rompin in our own way. We tease Wafiy, Mr Ravi, Cikgu Shahrul and Miss Tan in it. At first we thought we're not gonna make it but then everybody was laughing so it was okay lah. Teachers need to do one. They did the Tarian MNS. All the fasilitators and students joined. Then after that, the result was count. There's tie between us and Keradibles. Then a question was asked, Liyana gave me the answer, I answered it and then, yay Big Elly won the second place. Than, later that night there was a sense game. We have to blind fold. We have to taste, hear, smell and feel stuff. After that we gather back at the hall. Since we're the first group to finish, we have to wait for the other groups to finish. After that was a head count and we found out that one was missing, Thania. Rashvinder and Dawhween - I think - said Thania said she went to the toilet and they already told Atikah. But Atikah said no. So we were told to search for her - it was pass 11 and we had a long day, imagine how exausted we are. Then we end up at the jetty and we told that it was actually Thania's surprise birthday. When Thania arrive at the jetty, we all sang Happy Birthday song to her, she blew the candle cut the cake. Then Miss Tan asked her to pick a boy of her choice but she didn't. So, Miss Tan picked Amir Syafiq, because they wore the same colour shirt. Thania have to feed him. After that we went to dorm, pack our belongings, brush our teeth and slept at 0230 - I think. Again, I slept with Fatin.

The next morning, we woke up at 0600. Took bath, breakfast and all. Then after breakfast, I saw few people do some craft, so I went to check. Found out it was interesting, I join. I learn how to do ikan belacak and udang. But mine like tak jadi because it was too short. After that was the closing and the thanks and all. Then we went rafting from NERC Jetty to Kampung Peta. Big Elly, Puan Kamisah and Cikgu Rashidi was in the same boat. So we raft. We were the second group at first. When there's only 30 metres to arrive we beat the first group - I don't remember what group. Wait for the other group, took another group photo and walking to Kampung Peta. Saw how the cook in bamboo with jungle stuff and the trap. Thania was on demo for one trap. This trap kinda look like a cage. So, we left her in there while we look at the other trap, Remy went to take a pail of waterand throw to her, yeah, she's wet. Then we went to this house saw Orang Asli traditional game, kercang. I bought one. There's four kerchang in it. But I only know how to do three. After that we walk to this center and had our lunch. Liyana, Fatin and I change our cloth there. Then we went back to Kahang with four wheel. But this time it was only took one hour and thirty minutes because the driver use short cut. When we arrive at Kahang, some of us buy shirt, cap, bag and certificate. I bought bag and certificate. I want to buy the shirt but don't have enough money. Then went back to Kuala Lumpur with bus. Along the ride I couldn't sleep well. Because as ussual, Wafiy with his ghost story. Nak tak nak kene dengar gak. Then we stop at Pagoh for solat and ate. Then we hit to our school. We arrive at about 2030. I went back home with Amir Syafiq because our home is at the same road.

That was all about the camping. Overall, it was fun and great. I'm sure it will be more fun if Afiq, Aswad, Nazrin, and Farhan and Harizah were there. Mhmm, because of Cikgu Shahrul, all of the picture in Ustaz camera was gone because he accidentaly delete it. The picture in Cikgu Rashidi camera as well, but only for the first and second day only. So yeah, see you in the next camp.

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