Thursday, May 22, 2008

Current Annoyance

Ummi and abah keep asking me to bring this and that. "Angah, you need to bring this", "Angah you need to bring that", "Angah, you forgot this", "Angah you forgot that", "Angah, do you want to bring this, do you want to bring that?" Sigh. HELLO. I'm going for four days of camping, not four weeks of holidays! GRRRRHHHH. Tak suka, tak suka!!

Well, I went to clinic this morning. The first one to arrive you know, 7.40A.M.! There's no one at the clinic except for the cleaner. Even the doctor are not there yet. The only reason I went to clinic because ummi said if I don't get my prescription, I can't go for camping. So for that, I'll do 1001 things, just to go. So when at home at the evening, I ate the medicine and the medicine really made me sleepy and dizzy. So I sleep for awhile instead of getting ready to go to buy camping stuff. Then abah came back home around 1425. He woke me up but I refuse to. Then after few time he tried to wake me up, I wake up and go toget ready. And then I felt terribly dizzy and sleepy. But I have to
tahan cause there's a lot of thing to buy. Went back home and yeah here I come my bed. I sleep until 2000! gah.

Oh, after almost two and half month I didn't use tissue, now I use it. GAH! Just thought to do some record but I broke it.

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n u r i d r i n said...

byase la tuh!
like u dun understand them~