Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1

~ intan said i was being horny with her boyf. yang, kite ngantuk la. sebab tu suara macam tu.

~ finished bm paper 20 minutes early. so i slept. i'm so damn sleepy.

~ passed up my essay entittle 'my dream school' to ms saras. hope to win again.

~ raje said my cheek seem slimmer. beb, puasa lah. memang la. tunggu seminggu lepas raya, naik balik.

~ felt terribly lazy to revise math so i went to laugh with cheeza.

~ math paper is killing me. i'm not good in math for the past 2 years. something is wrong with me.

~ i kept saying, "eee, spm." all the way from my class to canteen.

~ kat said i looked high. i told her i slept at 3 am for two night straight. the night before last night because i was texting with izzat (i guess he woke up late and need to get ready to go back to raub that is why he didn't text me after that) and last night because i couldn't sleep.

~ felt very cold so went home to warm up my self. kite tak tido tau hana.

~ i want to sleep. instead, i read a bit of komsas for tomorrow paper.

~ now here i am. in front of this dekstop, doing this post.

heads up farah, trial is only over in 15 days, spm is in 80 days.

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