Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally I Can Breath A Bit

so the trial officially ended at 0950hours today, and the last paper was add math paper. i'm glad that i answer many question. more than usual.

so i can rest a bit. but until eidulfitri only.

speaking of eidulfitri. we'll be celebrating raya in kl. urgggg! not fun!!
but according to abah, we'll go back kampung after eidulfitri payer.
this year for the countless time, me and my sister will wear the same baju kurung for the first day of eidulfitri. but maybe along will change the plan since we don't celebrate eidulfitri at kampung. gah. i love celebrate eidulfitri at kampung. it just a must. but heh, abah need to work on that day.


i guess my lazy mood is totally on right now.


If you have an ipod/mp3 player,put it on shuffle.(Or name 15 random songs.)

1. Cinta Sempurna -Yuna
2. Teori Lucu - Wani Ardy

3. Tingkap Kaca - Ana Raffali

4. Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice

5. You Can't Break A Broken Heart - Kate Voegele

6. Use Somebody (Cover) - Pixie Lott

7. Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion

8. Just Like A Star - Corrine Bailey Ray

9. Elephant - Rachael Yamagata

10. Heart Of Life - John Meyer

11. Be Here Now - Ray La Montagne

12. All We'd Ever Need - Lady Antebellum

13. *Lawrence - Mia Rose

14. November - Azure Ray

15. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Why do you like the 1st song?
I don't really know why. But the song is really meaningful. It's like you love someone but you couldn't have him because he's to good for you. I felt it before. I like this song since the first time I heard it.

Who does the 2nd song remind you of?
It reminds me to all of the people that says boys and girls can be friends. Liar. You can be friends, of course. But you need to know the boundaries. If you cross it, it's you fault.

Name your favorite lyric from the 3rd song.
"Alangkah eloknya jika aku menjadi raja waktu."

Do you have any special memories attached to the 4th song?
No, not really. I just like the song.

Do you relate personally to the 5th song?
Somehow, yes. It just my ex try to break my heart again. But sorry dear, you can't break a broken heart. Especially if you already break it for three times!

Does/would your grandmother like the 6th song?
My grandmother don't listen to songs. But I bet if she listen to it, she'll love it. It's a slow cover.

What did you think when you first heard the 7th song?
I don't remember when it is the first time I heard of that song. But every single time I listen to the so, I'll remember abah.

What color does the 8th song remind you of?
Dark colour.

What is the 9th song about?
For me its about a broken relationship. You know like, with your ex-boyfriend for example. You almost moved on from him, but suddenly he come to you. When you already forget him?

Does the 10th song get stuck in your head easily?
Yes, it is. It's a very easy listening song.

Could you play the 11th song for a toddler and not feel guilty?
I don't know. But I guess, no?

Is the singer of the 12th song hot?
I don't know. I never saw her anyway.

What part of your life does the 13th song describe best?
No. That song is about the singer's boyfriend.

Does the 14th song have a cool video?
I've never seen the video.

How old is the 15th song?
I don't know. Go ask Nabil, it's his favourite song. He hate when people messed up with the song.

Which of these is your favorite?
Mhmm, all? I can't really choose one.

Your least favorite?
Maybe 'You Can't Break A Broken Heart'?

Have any of these made you cry? Which ones?
'Because You Loved Me' and 'Elephant'

Which is the most personal for you?


1. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
well, not lately. because it's fasting month.

2. Were you happy when you woke up today?
i'm feelingless when i woke up this morning.

3. Are you an understanding person?
I'm pretty understanding.

4. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
Ice Age 3. F-U-N!

5. What did you last get upset about?
The fact that I was scary late for school yesterday. I arrived at school 5 minutes before the exam started.

6. Do you eat candy on a daily basis?
I'm not a candy person. So, no.

7. Does it make you happy to get letters in the mail?
snail mail is fun. it's very sentimental. not like email and text, you can't keep them. but letters can. but if its a good one.

8. What are you looking forward to this summer?
there is no summer in malaysia. it sunny all year long.

9. Who was the last person you ate with?
family minus along. she's in perlis.

10. Do raisins belong in cookies?
i prefer raisins free. and sometimes nuts free.

11. What's your screen name?
all of my screen name is 'farah rosni'.

12. Walking into a party, what's the first thing you notice?
i'll be mainly worried about how i look, do i wear according to the dress code. stuff like that.

13. Are you currently taking a science class in school?
arghh! yes. too many names, too complex.

14. You've just won a free vacation to either South America or North Korea?
i can't decide.

15. Would you rather have chicken or steak?
i like both. :)

16. What's one thing you've learned?
friends sometime can be irritating.

17. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
oh my, i can't really remember.

18. Would you ever donate blood?
i'm underage to donate blood. but even if i'm legal, i can't donate blood. my red blood cell are low.

19. How many snack machines are in your school?

20. Do you believe in karma?
i do. it happens to me.

21. Are you good at telling jokes?
sometimes. my family call me clown.

22. Do you wish you had smaller feet?
no, i want a slightly bigger feet. my feet are small!

23. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
yes. once. he just live few doors away.

24. When ordering sushi, what do you get?
i never eat sushi. maybe i will, with someone. :)

25. What were you doing at 10 am?
i was just loitering around the school.

26. Are you different now than you were six months ago?
not much. just, i gained weight. and friends love to tease me about that.

28. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
i didn't happen in the longest time


5 things you love about yourself:
1) more mature.
2) the fact that i love to smile.
3) - i
4) - don't
5) - know

5 things you don't love about yourself:
1) paranoid.
2) short-term memory.
3) hot-tempered.
4) sick.
5) over-weight.

5 things you love about your best friends:
1) loud.
2) good listeners.
3) loved me.
4) caring.
5) understanding.

5 things you love:
1) hugs and kisses
2) eat!
3) reading novel.
4) laugh.
5) talk.

5 things you hate:
1) stink place.
2) people with no cleaniness.
3) people with no sivics.
4) bitches.
5) backstabbers.

5 things you wish you'll have:
2) top up.
3) more knowledge.
4) healthy body and good teeth.
5) new phone. my mic broke down.

Your top 5 phrases:
1) kurang ajar.
2) shit!
3) what?!
4) mhmm (with big grin!)
5) oh pleaseee.


#1) What is your beauty regime and the products you use? Describe in detail.
i don't really wash my face on regular basis nowadays. too busy. i used to used Celan&Clear 1-2-3 sets. but it don't really suits me. so i change to Neutrogena Deep Clean Fragrance Free. I also used St Ives Apricot Scrub once a week. I use Oxy 10 Cover for pimple, zits and acne. and finally Organic Aid VItamin E cream for moisturiser. I also use it to cover all the scars.

#2) What makeup do you use? Describe in detail.
i stared to wear make up since i was 5 or 6 and that was because of performances. my mom gave me my first eyeliner when i was 11. that was Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner Black. i use it until now. for compact powder, i used to use johnson&johnson SPF 15 Natural compact. but i decide to switch to either Elianto's or Bloop's or Silkygirl's. i also used Silkygirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara Blackest Black. i don't like to use lipstick, really. so i ussually just apply a bit lipbalm and top it with lipgloss. i ussually wear Silkygirl Moisture Lip Gloss Vintage Rose.

#3) What perfume/cologne do you use? Describe in detail.
i don't wear perfum/cologne anymore. not that i don't them anymore. it just i runs out of money to buy them. but i always love wearing Dior Addict 2, Gucci Envy Me and Ghost Anticipation.

#4) What purse/wallet do you use and what do you have in it? Describe in detail.
i have only one pink coin purse and one light brown wallet. the pink look like net. well, sort of. and its pink. i baoght it like few years ago. i used it all the time. i put small amount of money in it, a Seventeen 2009 calender, S5 student card, abah's MPH membership card (haha), umi's J Card (haha). where in the light brown wallet taht my parents bought in Pakistan while we're visitting abah there. it have no coin compartment. it have two compartment for notes and few other compartment. i ususlly kept all of my money in there. i do that so i dont tend to spend all of my money. i also put the RM1 note that mr ziege gave me in there.

#5) What shoes and bags do you usually use? Describe in detail.
i have 2 slippers. for shoes i have 3 wedges, 3 flat pointed shoes, 1 flat strap sandal, 3 sport shoes. the slippers that i usually used is the one that i bought at FOS. it's grey. no detail. among the shoes that i have, i always used the Vincci flat pointed shoe in black with ribboon details. but it die on me last year (?), the 3-inch platform wedges bought at Vincci in almond colour. i don't ussually use my sandal. i use my sport shoes equally. as for bags i have 2 hand made tote, 2 hangbags (i shared the Fendi with umi), and few school bags. all my school bags die on me. the only that left is the Oxford. as for the tot i always used the old one with little flowers painted fabric. and the handbag is from Cleef. it have gold colouredchains and big buckle infront. oh, black in colour.

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