Saturday, September 19, 2009

Last Minute Eidulfitri Shopping

man, it was tiring. and i knew it from the beginning when umi said, "jom pegi tengok kasut dekat pavilion."

so we went at about 1.30pm. we arrived fast because there were not many cars. we headed off to parkson, shoe section of course. the original plan was for along and adik to find their shoes. but alang-alang dah sampai, i look for shoes too because i don't have any flats (my pointed flats shoes excluded). i interested in three shoes. all of 'em are brown. i want Sole Lovers, but sadly it gonna cost abah rm209++. later i found Carlo Rino and Camel Active. between these two, i prefer Camel Active more. because it more comfy.

after finished paying for my and adik's shoes, we walk around pavilion. and my feet almost got blisters!! because i were wearing my 3-inch platform wedges (i genuinely thought we will only go to parkson ONLY). and then abah called me to go to Harvey Norman to check out the laptops. so, i have something in my what to buy.

after all the shopping, we went home. we were seriously tired. along got many blisters on he feet.

ps: i found some people today. and i quite shock to see them. by the way dude, your secret is save with me.

heads up farah, SPM in 62 days.

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