Friday, September 18, 2009

2nd Breakfasting Together

*i suppose to do this last night. but i was too tired.

so, the girls and boys went out last night for breakfasting at aeon au2. all were invited, of course. but only 13 can make it. that were me, liyana, intan, hana, bieha, cheeza, izhar, nabil, daniel, ikhwan, kimi, hisham and afiq.

at first the plan was to breakfast at kenny rogers roaster. but it was full. not that full full, but not enough seat for all of us. so we head off to food court.

people started since 5pm. but unfortunately for liyana, intan, hana and i, we can can't go early. because we have tuition until 6.30pm. so liyana texted hisham and ask him to pick us up and no suprise he's willing to do it.

when we arrived it almost 6.50pm after going through a minor traffic jam at au keramat. as arrived, we headed straight to the food court and hana spotted them. went to the table and sat down. nabil and izhar was at wendy's while daniel was at subway, buying their breakfast meal.

then afiq (or liyana. i'm not sure) suggested that we only drink and eat a bit then go eat at the restaurant. so we all agreed. cheeza an i went inside jusco and i bought peel fresh. large for the boys and small for the girls (we ended up sharing it, though). after that i went to the bakery to buy some pastries for my breakfast meal, while liyana and bieha went to dailyfresh to buy waffle for the breakfast meal and hisham go to buy kerang bakar (i don't know what its name in english). as we heard the azan, we ask the boys to recite a prayer. neiher of them did (or as far as i heard) . bieha ended up reading it for us. so we ate our meal and drink peel fresh that i bought for them (i took the straws from the food court juice bar). unfortunate ly, the straw were too short for the peel fresh box. afiq opened the box at drink it from top instead from the side. and, *cough* *cough* i ate kerang for the fisrt time. wasn't so bad. ouh the best part was, kimi feed us (me, cheeza and bieha). he said he feels like a cats mom feeding the kittens. haha.

after finished our breakfasting meal, we're all headed to the prayer room to perform our paryer. because hana and i were the one whom brought the praying cloth, we perform the prayer fist followed by cheeza, bieha and intan. liyana waited outside, well, she's on 'that' day. we i finished, i saw the boys altready finished praying. of course they finished first, they don't use the praying cloth.

the when all of us done praying, we head off to the food heaven. but sadly, all restaurants were full house. no no. they have the places, but not enough for all of us. funny thing was, when we went to kenny rogers and ask if they have place for all of us, the attndant said, "ayam tak cukup la dik." how that even possible? not enough chicken? bluff. we even considered to eat at skura kristal, boston, pizza hut, a&w, wendy's and even teppayanki. but all of 'em were full. so we decide to walk around first, an then check it out again. this was when ganageas appeared. before that we meet our tuitonmates with their friends.

after walk around for about 5-15 minutes, we went back down to check out the restaurant. after going down the escalator, surprise surprise, we met fatin. nabil's sister. man, so long after i last saw her. okay, back to the story. after looking out at few restaurant we decide to eat at noodle station. i took us like 30 minutes just to decide what to eat, not including the time of ordering the food. afiq says, "korang tau tak, kita nak pikir makan ape, nak order, sama lama dengan kita nak cari tempat makan." while waiting for the food, we are all maiking stupid joke. and there's this time when somebody opened the taylor swift you belong with me cover video. we all sang together. and all the people in the restaurant looked at us, table with 14 people. haha.

and then the food started to arrived. my food and drink arrived the last. and we all ate. but the boys just can't stop talking and making stupid jokes. and we all laugh of course.

when we settled paying for our meal, we all kiss and say good bye and hari raya. unfortunately my hand landed on somebody's face. only some know the story.

some notes of the day:
1) izhar name us girls (and hisham)
- liyana : ibu liyana
- me : umi farah
- intan : mummy intan
- hana : mama hana
- bieha : adik
- hisham : baby
2) when we were looking for restaurant to eat, the boys found a shopping cart. ikhwan asked us girls to put our bags in. so we did.
4) and hisham hoop in the cart.
5) somebody ask if hisham want milk and in what flavour, he pointed al us girls.
6) because we were far from the elevator, we can't bring up the cart. so we have to take our bags back. ikhwan carried mine.
7) at noodle station: kimi's drink name was '* something* i love you' and hisham's was '*something* i miss you'. their drink was in bottle-like container. while liyana looked like biscuit container. we all said, "pakai balang kuih sapa ni?" "balik rumah karang kalau ada balang kuih yang hilang, akak ni la amek." hahaha.
8) i kept saying telur all the time.
9) intan, hisham and i race to hisham's car. i arrived fisrt. but hisham claimed he arrived fisrt.
10) we shouted, "bye ganageas!!!!!" i think half of the parking lot can hear us.
11) 6 of us (intan, hisham, liyana, me, hana, bieha) cramped inside hisham's myvi. but practically hisham and intan were not cramped because hisham was driving, intan sat beside him.
12) we a little lost when we want to send liyana.
13) when we arrived at liyana's house, hisham said to the guard, "we want to send bomb." and when we want to go back he said again, "10 minutes, this place explode!!" then intan and i said, "nanti dia cari hisham baru tau."
14) we dropped hana and bieha along the way.
15) i bought daniel the dinner.
16) ganageas was speechless of our behavior. haha.

i had a blast yesterday. i was a total fun.
but a little down side because raje, yana, amir, ijan, shahreedza, syeefa, nadia, and of course our beloved hajar can't joint this year. never mind. we make it up during this year gathering. okay guys?
and ouh, i didn't brong camera last night, so all of the pictures are with kimi and ikhwan.

heads up farah, SPM in 63 days.

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