Saturday, October 25, 2008

SKWJ Canteen Day

so today i went to SKWJ which is my former primary school. they held a canteen day today. well, it just normal canteen day. maybe because i'm to all for primary canteen day. but, wth. i went with my sister. we walked from section5 to section4. yeah. bil, if you ever happen to read this. I WALK. you know. I WALK. hahaha. without feeling to tired. haha yes. so we arrived at about 1130 or something. went inside met some of my sisters friend. i didn't see any of my old friend except for amalina rusli. walk around the school. everything still looked the same. the canteen, the field, the drawing that i paint still there, the mirror still there, the deco for the notice board specially prefect board, kh bord and music board. as ussual meet the teachers. and yet they always thought our name was rosni. but sadly, i can't go to my former classes. because we're not allowed to go upstairs. gah! but but. the best part was, i met aisyah haziqah. OMG! i missed her so much. we haven't met for the last 5 months i think. then we -as in me, my sis and my sis friend- walk to carrefour to buy some stuff then went back home, walking.

but lyqa, i missed you more. we haven't see each other for ages! lunch this holiday?

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