Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best Open House Ever

so last sunday i went to two open house, jay's and nabil's. it more to lunch than open house. it just a group of us.

so, liyana, hana, nabihah and i went together to jay's house with liyana's mom. then hajar, melly and shahiza arrive. so we talk a bit, laugh a little and eat.

then we made our way to nabil's house, walking. where everyone 'WOW'. when nabil's open the gate, i tease him,"wah, handsome. baju melayu siap dengan sampin lagi." he just smile. so we went inside. first thing first. i searched for smokey. my favourite cat. haha. i asked nabil where is he. he said that he's not here. he was bathing elsewhere. so yeah went to the back and saw favourite meal when dine in his house - eventhough it was my third. i didn't saw my bread puding that nabil's owed me. so he said,"sabar la."because of the tables outside was full, we dine at the dine table. we make fun of fatin. haha. shahiza said we dine at the dine table like we're having a meeting and fatin was our assistant. "assistant ni. eyh, pegi amek tisu.","aku nak tisu jugak!" we laugh hard. after that liyana have to go to another open house with her family. after everyone finished ate, we gathered at living room because nabil, amir and ikhwan want to present their show for prefect's dinner. they played 'love bug' by the jonas brothers. nabil and amir played the guitar. at first only ikhwan sang then everyone start to sing together while afiq recorded it. after that we continued with 'fall for you' by secondhand serenade with melly playing the piano. this time faez sang it first then we sang together. "alamak, aku lupa!" melly said. she forgot the chord. then nabil continue with his guitar. like hajar said 'we sang like in a concert'. then we took group photos. there's funny words coming from our mouth. after that we ate the dessert. then the boys need to go to another open house. left us girls with danial nadir and nabil. syeefa, nabihah, raja, nabil and i sat in the living room. so i asked him to strum some songs. he asked me what song. i lifted my shoulder. so he played randomly. i just recognize two songs, 'banana pancakes' and 'stay'. but wtf. i forgot the lyrics. so we just listen. after that we all went home. nabil are the one who gave us the duit raya because his parents was upstairs. so i said to him,"tua dah ni. kena kasi duit raya."

the way back home was a pain. because i was wearing a 2 inch -i think- wedges. i still feel the pain until this morning.

so here are some of the photos of the open house:-

that's smokey. he's fat and big. but wth, i like him. one glance, he look like a doll or something. because of his eyes that time.

the guitarists and singer of the day.

the pianist of the day.

i love them.

the singing fish.

look what they've done.

the fierce one.

the tender one.

this is mr smokey.

i have nothing to say about this.

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