Friday, June 12, 2009

Tag Survey - Tagged by Raihunt

1. Upload 3 ugly photo of you & explain it

i look lika an aunt and i was sleeping at that time. hahaha.

my face always ugly when i eat.

i look like fat teacher with a non iron cloth

2. Real name?
nur farah bnti rosni

3. Zodiac sign?

4. Hair colour?
dark brown

5. A picture with your bestfriend
*the picture is not in this computer.

6. Loud or quiet?
pretty loud

7. Do you have a crush on someone?
seriously, no.

8. Have you ever done something that you regretted?

10. Meet someone that change your life?

11. Three words that you always said
- eww
- seriuosly
- yeah

12. Five things you've done for a very first time
- not sleep for 24 hours, straigh!
- full attendance last year.
-went on banana boat last 2 years.
- went on lrt alone last 3 years
- have the lasrgest group of friends (starting last year)

13. What happened at 11 a.m today?
i just pack my bag(?)

14. How many pillows & blankets on your bed?
i don't count.

15. Are you currently happy?

16. Name one of your guy friend
afiq mohammad.

17. How many bestfriend(s) did you have?
i don't know. but what i know i have many good friends.

18. Who gives you the best advise?
abah. :)

19. Favourite colour?
black, white, blue.

20. When the last time you went to the mall?
last week(?)

21. Are you a bitch?

23. Why do you think boy are tougher than girl?
they eat more.

24. Do you need someone right now?

24. Do you signed up Facebook?

25. Choose 2 words to describe yourself
cheerful and loud.

26. Did anyone called you a childish person?
not really

27. Do you own a car?

28. Close friend that started with H?

29. Wish you were somewhere else?
not really.

30. People that you want to tag
- intan
- fatin najwa
- farha ghouse


darrell asyraf said...

hahahaaha the last picture was definitely funny.. hahah lol

everyone has that face when they eat.. rite??? or, is it just me..

raihunt said...

comelah gamba ketiga tu :D