Thursday, June 04, 2009

Belum Memoirs *the story

this year there is 38 participant including vemal, mr ravi's son. sad ly only 11 boys and the rest are girls. only 1 female teacher that is miss tan and other were male teachers.

the journey start at around 0045 hours. we stop at tapah around 0230 hours for pee and stuff. and then the journey continue until we stop at gerik for prayer and breakfast at about 0545 hours. we continue the journey at about 0745 hours. mostly ate roti canai for breakfast. then about 30 minutes later we arrived at belum rainforest resort. when we arrived, we're requested to gather at a conference hall. so, we did a little ice breaking session and miss tan taught us a song that i already forget the tittle. after that about 1400 hours, we walked to hour camp site or to be specific, perkampongan orang asli. so, we provided our own lunch. my sister and i slept bnext to eacr other. later in the evening, some of us, were playing teng-teng to kill the boredom. will some of the teachers, or specifically mr ravi were fishing. after that some of us were taking a short nap. but i slept. haha. then we had our dinner. tonight, we don't do night walking, but night trekking instead. it was challenging. because we ussually just go inside the forest and use the easiest trail but this time, we used the trail that require us to jump acrose a small river(?). then we get back to our place, clean our self and sleep. dashween and i was asign for the girls cleaniness and health.

on the next day, we have show trail. it sort of like go inside the woods and get to know the trees. i only remember a few; merbau, cengal, keruing, cinta mula, tapak kuda and few others. in the evening after lunch, we have amazing race. the race we really AH-MA-ZINGGGG! we have to do a few task. the fisrt one we have to run/walk for about 2km and and take the bicyle and cycle back for about 1.5km and go up the hill for about few hundreds metres before arrivead at an open space. syukri and i exchange cycling. the when arrived at the open space, we the second task awaits us. we have to built a rakit. tahank god it just the model AND we syukri in our group. but we don't leave everything to him. it was a group effort. then we go down the hill and get the third task. we have to colllect as many resam leave as we can. syukri and i took the bicycle together. it was a tough task for us. we have to take the rakit model to. then after that farahin and i as two people of the group need to go rakit-ing for about 500 metres. it was a new experienced to me. then we arrived at perkampongan orang asli, we have to hurried up searching for the next clue then run to the jetter about 500metres and wait for the other two that swimming in the water. while waiting for two of them i reapair the rakit, it loose. then when they arrived, we run to the finishing line. and appranatly we the first group to arrived. we took abou 1 hour and 41 minutes to finish the race. we don't do campfire later in the night. we learn many songs and refuse to do the knot. haha.

third day start a little slow. we start at about 0900 hours. we rakit for about 2km. my hand haven't reccover from the session before. there was about 11 rakits. mine and ivan's was the last two rakit to arrive at the end. then we swim a bit while resting. after that each rakit were tied to each other at the bout took us to the perkampongan. while waiting to arrived, ustaz gave us numerous of riddles and we felt like kicking him out of the rakit because of the silly riddles. later in the afternoon after cleaning up ourself and eating our lunch. we get ready to go and see the rafflesia. there was only one flower and one of the petal were broke. according to the instructor it was because the previous people. after that we ride the boat to the whole lake. so we get to see the hornbill. but i couldn't see because i forgot to bring my glassess. we arrived at the perkampongan when the sun is setting. after that we took our stuff to the toilet and 'dry clean'. at about 2100 syukri and azrif get ready the fish. we're doing 'ikan bakar' that night. it was my first time eating eat. haha. that night two orang asli entertain us with their songs.

last day were really a laze day. we pratically did nothing. we were just clean up the site. we were divided into group and my group were appointed to clean the canteen. and we did nothing much because the canteen was clean.and we pack our bags and clean up the house. after that we clean up ourselves, some of the students including me we still playing in the lake. after that i took my bath at the toilet and i was the very last person to get ready. almost get scolded haha. and then we took group photo before going back and arrived at school around 2130 hours.

i've learnt few thing from this camp:
- how to cut the fish (thanks to syukri)
- wash my hair in the sink.
- you can do it as long as you're willing to do it.

this would be probably the last camping for me as a school student. i had fun at the camp.

so, yeah.

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