Thursday, June 04, 2009

Belum Memoirs *pictures

this is where us girls sleep.
orang asli house. it just a model of their house.
atap nipah, dinding and lantai buluh.
sejuk beb malam2.

this is where five of the boys sleep.

cikgu syamsurri

me and my sister.
this is her first camping.

we were playing teng-teng while waiting for the next activity.

look at the powder on ustaz face!

we just came back from flora and fauna sight seeing.

seri jr/mr banana with abg seri. haha.

we were looking at the map and questions before starting the amazing race.

we have to cycle almost 2km.

and rakit for almost 500metre(?) it was tiring okay.

isn't that beutiful?

thanks to cikgu rashidi for snapping this picture.

we were the last two rakit to arrive from the almost 2km rakit-ing.
yang memang penmat gila. lenguh tangan aku mendayung.

we saw rafflesia there. :)

pax at the hall. :)

guess who is this?

*pictures first.
i'm very the busy. i'll post up the story later.


fezaL Mohd said...

sangat menarikk ye ;)

AsmaHamid said...

you brought your dslr there? tak kena curi?