Friday, July 18, 2008


I went to clinic and specialist hospital (I think. But what ever it is, it's an arm forces hospital) to refer about this today. It's at my neck, right. I never realise it until ummi said it to me three months ago. I thought it was nothing because when I check at the mirror I saw nothing, just my neck a little bit big. I thought because I'm gaining weight. But when I touch it, yeah it was a little bump there. So, went to the doctor and she said it is thyroid. She asked me how long I've been noticed this. I just said few months ago, when ummi told me. But she said it doesn't look like months, it looked like it has been for at least 1-2 years. Yup, both of us were a little shock. The doctor asked me to go for ultrasound and check my blood at the expert hospital. Then, we wait for ummi's appointment with Dato' Razak, who has been he personal doctor for..mhmm, since I remember it. She asked him to check on me. He said it's thyroid. He told me about different type of thyroid. I only remember about that adolescence sexuality building and hypothyroid. After that went to take my blood. The needle was kinda big. The blood was took at my arm. So it's a little pain. Just small pain. The result is next week. So, we're just waiting. After ummi set my appoinment for the ultrasound, there this one Indian doctor asked ummi what she's doing there, she told about my thyroid and blablabla. So, he said while he have free time, why didn't I did it today. So, we did. When I saw the ultrasound machine, I laugh and I said, "Bukan ni untuk orang mengandung ke?" The doctor laugh back at me and he said its not just for the pregnant lady. It can be for your knees, hand, cheek, whatever. I show my i-don't-believe-what-you-said face. So he took my hand and put the gel and scan. He show me the muscles and my vessels. After I satisfied, he scan my neck. So I can see my oesophagus, vessels and all. So he took the picture of my thyroid. He said it's not big, just 17. I don't know the scale. He said if its 18 it's dangerous. Then, followed ummi to take he medicine. At that time it's already 1130. So I said to there's no point sending me to school. She said okay. Because at first I was planing to go to school after the check up. I thought it will not take a long time. So that was it. Don't worry love, I'm fine. But, I need to wait for my blood test result first.
Nah, Syaza. New post!


Nur Syaza said...

thyroid ke? ohh, nasib baik tk serious. btw,thanks for the new post.
heee :D

pharie said...


tiroid? yup.ultrasound bukan utk pregnant saje.even for surgery pon used ultrasound.

hee.glad you haf new post. =)

khalidzul said...

specialist hospital ?

Nur Syaza said...

ohh, hope tk serious lahh!

n u r i d r i n said...

tak ckp!
mkn ubat!
next week btaw latest update, taw!