Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Day

Okay okay. The canteen day was fun eventhough there's some small arguement here and there. And I didn't get dunk because I was too busy with haunted house and kelab setia stall. I was involved in four stall; Aisyah's, Kelab Setia's, 4Bina's and haunted house by Editorial Board.

I'm selling my note book at Aisyah's, and my cake at 4Bina's and Kelab Setia stall.

The day start with the assembly and all. The Form 1 and Form 2 students were needed at the field for some game and aerobic. Thought to join because there's chicken dance. HAHA. How I miss the camping. While the Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5 students gathered at Dataran Wawasan to hear Pn Sa'amah lecture. Most of the student who open stall, booth and all ,were busy doing last minute preparation. I was at the Kelab Setia stall first then I went to the haunted house.

So the day started at 0915. So then also the yelling, buying-selling session were started. Most of the time there was at least two people at Kelab Setia stall. Because Liyana and me was ulang-alik-ing from Kelab Setia stall to the haunted house. Just to checking how's going. Well, I can see the 'ghost' were suffering; the hot air and irresponsible visitor. The were hitting the 'ghost'. Come on lah. I can hear the screaming form the haunted house again and again.

My cake at kelab setia was finished even the last piece we reduce the price. But those at 4 Bina's are not. Nine left.

After the day end, Sidang redaksi crew was the last one get home because we need to clean up the garage that we used for the haunted house. Clear the cloth, put away the sand and took up all of the tables.

For me we made a very big profit. So I'm very glad with that. Most of people like the haunted house. They're screaming like hell. Even the ghost inside were scared. Plus it was so hot inside the haunted house. The ghost were sweating like pig - not just them, me also!

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