Friday, February 25, 2011

A Month

It has been a month since I last step my foot at my home. Scratch that, only 3 weeks but it will be a month as I will only be home next weekend. How does it feel being away from home that long you may ask? Well, it feel pretty normal, as I keep myself busy with activities and people surround me.

Some of you who read my blog must knew that I went home almost every weekend and staying at hostel on weekend seem impossible. Tomorrow I have a MUET (Malaysia University English Test) seminar. I got class on Monday so it will be a waste if I go home. Last weekend I have a walkathon. I didn't win, in fact I started last and finished last. I need to walk around the UNISEL campus 5 times. The weekdn before that I followed few of my Pre-School Education students to Langkawi, roaming around the north for 3 days.

That just about it. I must say I miss my home much and I can't wait to go home.

PS: My mom just FB me saying when I want to come home. (Sha want me to tidy up the house).

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