Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Killing The Boredom

Currently - missing my friends.
Playing - nothing.
Pending - 12th february!
What's new? - mama just called me few hours ago to offer me a job.
Real name - ... farah rosni.
Nickname - kak ros, farah, umi, granny.
Married - someday.
Male/Female - female.
High school - SMK Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju.
College - none.
Are you a health freak? - no.
Do you have a crush on someone? - yes.
Do you like yourself? - just enough.


Surgery - none.
Person you see in the morning - depends who solat beside my bed.
Award - 6th place during kindergarden.
Sports you join in - peek-a-boo.
Vacation - ican't really remember. i's either fraser's hill or terengganu or pangkor. in 1992
Concert - siti nurhaliza's in the late 90's
Drink - mom's milk.
I'm about to - clean my face.

Your future,

Want kids - yes.
Want to get married - yes :D
Careers in mind - currently in mind, English teacher.

Which is better?

Lips or Eyes? - eyes.
Hugs or Kisses? - i prefer hugs.
Shorter or Taller? - taller.
Romantic or Spontaneous? - bit of both.
Sensitive or Loud? - bit of both.
Troublemaker or Hesitant? - none.

Have you ever,

Kissed a stranger? - no.
Drank bubbles - no.
Lost glasses / contacts - no.
Ran away from home - no.
Liked someone younger - no.
Broke someone's heart - yes.
Been arrested - no.
Cried when someone died - yes.

Do you believe in,

Yourself - not enough.
Miracles - yes.
Magic - no, there's tricks.
Angels - yes

Answer truthfully,

Is there someone you want to be with right now? - YES YES YES x100.

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