Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Just Couldn't Resist

i swear i only online for this. swear i'll not loitering around the blog - except for wani ardy's and rnysa's because theirs are not blogspot.
so the school's held annual feast yesterday. we were really tired at the end of the day but it was a blast. all of us had fun - everyone seems to!
so here are some pictures of the day. description is under the picture - if there's any.

while preparing for the feast. we do it buffet style of course.
table on the right is where the buffet is. table with pink table cloth - sponsored by me, is the teachers table.

and here we're preparing for the students table.

all working together to get it done.

some of the food.

here's the sate sponsored by teacher haryana and the snacks most of it sponsored by amir.

we have almost all kind of drinks. sponsored by syazana, siva, tharnee and me. probably imran too.

thanks to amir, and divya for the music.

souvenirs for the teachers whom teached us this year. thanks to bieha for these.

i can't recall who drew this. either rara or syazana.

kfc sponsored by nadeem and logan. i'm glad you came nadeem. aku rindu kau doh.

teacher haryana giving her little speech to us. i was missing in action during this.

doing the hounour as the class monitor, naza represents the whole class for the souvenir.

probably our last picture together - if the bbq going to be cancelled.

you might think the as the geek or the wallflower, but they definitely like to gossip in class.

as if we were a mafia. haha!!!

enjoting the feast.

my gang in the class.
missing: intan, and amir. picture by kimi.

the principle came to our class. of course.

our cute math teacher. she going to deliver the baby around christmas.
wow! so many people around me are gonna having baby soon.

because of not enough chair, the boys sat on the floor.

because of the doraemon cupcake....

....hana got her teeth blue!!!

these guy can't be anymore gay.

i like afiq in this picture.

i like this picture like this. i refuse to turn it.

and yes. we did play the musical chair. three rounds!

kimi won the first round.

juyi joined ud for the game.

looked at kimi's face!

one of them could be the winner for the secound round if yana didn't pulled the chair.

musical chair is a total fun!

and hisham won the third round.

we did play also the game that required us to stand on the newspaper.
look how small the area for us to stand on.

two of them are a total gay yesterday.

this was the almost losing face.

these guys won the game.

losing faces.

last but not least, the sweet couple. i just love them in this picture. too cute!

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