Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Down, 6 More To Go.

well, i can answer most of the question.
for today's paper i was a bit blur and blank. i even get a nice 15minutes of nap during sejarah paper.
mostly went well, most of the question are targeted. but i don't want to guarantied anything yet. nanti lain pulak dengan result yang keluar bulan tiga nanti.

yesterday paper were okay too. intan, cheeza, kimi, daniel, afiq and i we for lunch at wangsa walk. thank god we manage to arrive at school before the rain pouring. it started raining as soon as we close the toilet door. as a result we do the exam freestyle. means, we some of us are not wearing school uniform because their uniform are wet. mine are wet too, but just the backside. we also don't wear our shoes and socks because it was totally wet!

haha. ouh, and we like too see two of the pengawas.

now i can release a bit pressure and think about the class shirt. hopefully we can get it done nicely and the tshirt can be done before class barbeque. *cross fingers*

another 6 days of struggle, 19 more days to freedom!

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