Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Study Leave

well, no very study to me. because i've been deathly sick since wednesday night. first it just the flu. next day it attack my throat and i can hardly talk. after that i get severe headache which cause me to lay down the whole day. plus, i tend to vomit every single time after i had my meal. and i vomit everything. which mean everything that i just ate. something i come out in actual shape. no no no, i'm not an aneroxia patient (i just vomit before i wrote this). so yeah, i did ask abah for few medicine to take from the hospital. and it added to my gazillion pills to be eaten.

so tomorrow i need to go back to school after the 6 days leave (if include the weekends and the day i didn't go to school). man, i feel very lazy.

okay need to finish my history.

35 days to SPM and *ehem ehem* 56 days to freedom!

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