Monday, October 26, 2009

Majlis Graduasi Tingkatan 5

hebat tak? belum ambil SPM, dah graduasi. hahaha.
so, majlis went well.
i was escorted by johnathan. you walk so fast. i want to crush your bracess.
i have fun. eventhough all of us have to wait for the VIPs, bear with the heat and stuff.
but then, my mission to get a complete picture of us didn't succced. someone came in the picture that day. rosak polaroid aku! haih. but i was all nice. :)

by the way, i've made a poem for you guys. tunggu majalah sekolah next year eyh.

ps: don't ask me why my hands like that.

22 days to SPM!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Iqbal Ismail said...

baru jer nak bawak u sis pegi lunch after ur graduation tp x dapat time k?btw congrats to u sis..