Friday, May 15, 2009

Diagnostic Test

it's killing me.
i caught sleeping while reading a book. really, that's the first time. ever!
i did study more this time.
one killing paper was past. (add maths yaw)
i watch movie everyday just to realese the pressure.
that is 'wild child' and 'ink heart'. good movie.
'australia'? booooriiinng!

busy and tiring month.
diagnostic test.
krs work paper.
camping at hutan belum of this month. (need to think how do i get pocket money for that)

along already nag me that i've always asked to eat burger king and big apple's donut and chicken chop like everyday.
even more because we have big apple's voucher.
told her that i will back to work out end of this month. *cross fingers*

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