Monday, May 18, 2009

Been Pranked

yup. i did. i mean, we did. me, along and adik.
on sunday at carrefour wangsa maju.
guess by who? our parents.

my mom and dad were at the magazines store while the three of us heading to the cd's store while adik go to buger king to buy her caramel ice-cream. then, abah came and we notice the cart that i put in front of the store lost. so i told my sisters to look for it. in front of mcd, i saw a cart with the things we just bought and a plastic with my mom favourite waffles. so i asked my mom wheter she's the one who brought it there. she just shook he head. after sometime i saw something in both of my parents face and i said this must be their work and scream, "what a prank!" and text my sisters. after that both of them were laughing. nice one umi, abah.

today was biology paper. i was extra busy on the weekend until i can't even touch my book. so i just started to revise this morning at 7. and i think i'll flunk my paper. don't expect too much okay.

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