Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camping Is Tomorrow, Exam Officially Ended

so yeah. my sister and i will leave for belum camping tomorrow midnight with other kids. dashween and i are the only form 5 participant, THE ONLY. dashween said, "lets bully the junior!" no dear, i don't think we can. haha. but who knows, we can get some advantages? i've packed half of the things to bring. i hope i don't bring to much load like previous year. haha. then i'll complain having back pain.

and the exam is officially over yesterday. through out 2 and 1/2 weeks of exam i'm being tortured because i need to sit next to nadeem. nice toture. suffer tau duduk sebelah dia. he didn't bring enough stationarry and he'll be like, "farah, eraser.", "farah stapler." and sooo on. thank gid i don;t need to sit next to him during spm.

something about today. puan jun caught us staring at her shoes. she's wearing crocs wey! haha. lawa pulak. hee.

so, later. need to finish the packing.

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