Friday, April 03, 2009

When A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words *Svian 2009 Sports Day

cikgu nizam with his ussual super high spirit for wangsa jaya.

juyi with baju kurung, yana with kebaya, divya woth cheongsam, daniel with baju melayu.

janjan fooling himself with the costume. HAHAHA! nice birthday janjan.

cikgu rashidi. he didn't bring his camera that day.

nice face expression ika! she wins few gold medal. according to suraya, it's because of her expensive spike!

haha. izhar a.k.a britney spears a.k.a farid kamil. boo! haha.

divya with intan.

sammy hot pose. captured by azuzu.

i like this picture of teacher haryana. :)

faeez. the one who enter 800m race with his pink crocs and shades!

bo. yeah. people call him bo.

nice dance girls. :)

imran, pandang depan la.

yeah. three of 'em are fool.

if not the skin colour, he sure look like a white man. haha. seriously. you should see him that day.

faeez gay-ing with izhar.

afiq with cheeza.

faeez and izhar sharing the chicken.

ps: no gossip here please. i know what you think.


Anonymous said...

bestnya Sports day nk posting kat sane je... Miss the school so much.......^_^

Anonymous said...

what stands for svians?sorry tanya.-_-

Farah Rosni said...

svian stands for:
s - section
V - it's roman five

use for smk section 5 students.