Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Freaking Hurt

i don't know what is the name of the procedure. but i need to get in the operation hall. yeah, the one with thousands of monitors and nurses and doctors and freaking big lights. no, i'm not doing any operation. just a little procedure. i was closing my eyes the whole time. the doctor need to put the camera down my throat to my stomach. yeah. it was hurt like hell, when the camera reach my throat i felt like vomit, the doctor need to take the camera out and repeat it again. hurt of course. lots lts of saliva coming out from my mouth. i can feel it, eventhough i was closing my eyes. i heard the doctor said, "why to much saliva?", "she moves a lot!" towards the end of the procedure was okay. my throat still in pain though.

and because of the procedure, another pill was added. NICE.

the doctor said everything were okay. i just need to reduce intake of spicy food (thank god i don't eat spicy food) and lot of milk (now that's a problem, i don't drink milk since like more than 10 years). ouh, need to eat at the right time, if not, i might get gastric after this. and the doctor gave me a day leave. well, i really need it.

so, need to eat all of those pills right now. and yeah, sleep. two of those medicine make me sleepy and sleep at least for 4 hours.

no worries okay fellas.

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Farha Ghouse said...

take good care of yourself okay?