Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Requested Post

haha. not so. i've been thinking about posting it here.

well, you know what. you've been irritated us all. since last year. calling us stupid and such. omg. u should just teach us and shut up. no calling us stupid and such. ouh, you know what. calling us stupid again, not long after that, we'll be stupid. really. and u expected us to get A with the way u're teaching. u can't be more wrong. well, A students maybe can. not like a slow learner like us. u jump from a to c then back to a then go to d then b, the repeated again. how can we understand? you tell me. damn, a class with you felt like a year.

oh boy, don't you realise i've been smilling like hell when you talk to me?

*big grin*

1 comment:

fatty said...

Oooh. siape yang ajar macam bodoh ni?