Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mid First Term Holiday

it is not a holiday for me! went to school for marching practice from 8 to 12. with ONLY 10++person came. how can i not be frustrated?

so, for the remaining three days, i would:-
- finish my school notes.
- finish the homework that i've been brought foward for at least 3 weeks!
- finish my holiday homework which left about a quarter.
- cut articles about teenager and sports/religion for project bahan terkumpul.
- maybe went out to jusco to meet hajar. *BIG GRINS*

why so many work? because i will not be in class for the next one and half weeks.

this year birthday is the most stressing birthday.
with the marching competition and intervesi 2 test coming.

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idham said...

selamat mengerjakan tugas..
lam kenal